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COWLConference of Women Legislators (Springfield, IL)
COWLCold Ocean Warm Land (climate study)
COWLCeltic Offshore Wind Limited (UK)
COWLCouncil of Wisconsin Libraries
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I dare be sworn he did so,'' said the knight; ``I was convinced that there was better food in the cell, Holy Clerk, since you first doffed your cowl.
The priest appeared to cast his eyes around the dungeon from beneath his cowl.
Yes, under one of the priests' cowls, there were the contortions of the damned.
He flew over as I said, stamped with his foot and then putting his face to the cowl of the big ventilator shouted down there: "Please come on deck, sir," in a voice which was not trembling or scared but which we may call fairly expressive.
He remained there, his ear in the cowl of the ventilator, his eyes fastened on those menacing sidelights dancing on the gusts of wind which swept the angry darkness of the sea.
I suppose the water forced itself into them, though I wouldn't have thought that possible, for they fitted into the cowl perfectly.
All he did was to move the cowl round a few inches, with an enormous expenditure of force, and seemed spent in the effort.
And shining with the growing light of the east, three of the metallic giants stood about the pit, their cowls rotating as though they were surveying the desolation they had made.
The Cistercian monks, whose abbey stood there in the thirteenth century, wore no clothes but rough tunics and cowls, and ate no flesh, nor fish, nor eggs.
All went well until I aimed a blow at an outlying cowls head and fell short.
While it roared through the steeple of St George's Church, and twirled all the cowls in the neighbourhood, it made a swoop to beat the Southwark smoke into the jail; and, plunging down the chimneys of the few early collegians who were yet lighting their fires, half suffocated them.
A few boxes of humble flowers and evergreens completed the garden; and the encompassing wilderness of dowager old chimneys twirled their cowls and fluttered their smoke, rather as if they were bridling, and fanning themselves, and looking on in a state of airy surprise.