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COYCoach of the Year (sports)
COYCommission on Youth (various locations)
COYCounselor of the Year (various locations)
COYCareer Opportunities for Youth
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His work is like exquisite modern Latin verse, into the academic shape of which, discreet and coy, comes a sincere, deeply felt consciousness of modern life, of the modern world as it is.
Dots who were merry children, running on before him gathering flowers, in the fields; coy Dots, half shrinking from, half yielding to, the pleading of his own rough image; newly-married Dots, alighting at the door, and taking wondering possession of the household keys; motherly little Dots, attended by fictitious Slowboys, bearing babies to be christened; matronly Dots, still young and blooming, watching Dots of daughters, as they danced at rustic balls; fat Dots, encircled and beset by troops of rosy grandchildren; withered Dots, who leaned on sticks, and tottered as they crept along.
But whatever idea was forming in his mind, was dissipated by the she-wolf, who advanced upon him, sniffed noses with him for a fleeting instant, and then resumed her coy retreat before his renewed advances.
The franklin he hath gone to roam, The franklin's maid she bides at home, But she is cold and coy and staid, And who may win the franklin's maid?
Then Louis would show me how--a certain, eloquent glance of eye, a smile, a daring, a lifted hat, a spoken word, hesitancies, giggles, coy nervousnesses--and, behold, Louis acquainted and nodding me up to be introduced.
But she was coy, and ever she fluttered near to me but never near enough.
She herself was now a man-charmer, a mark for Cupid, a Sabine who must be coy when the Romans were at their banquet boards.
Then they became friendly, and played about in the nervous, half- coy way with which fierce beasts belie their fierceness.
Mr Coy said such incidents happened on Anglesey, central North Wales, and in Wrexham this year.
While on parole last summer, Coy was involved in handling two stolen cars, and then two months later, he was embroiled in an insurance fraud for which he was convicted last August.
Coy, 32, got seven years for assisting an offender but was released on licence in 2011, halfway into his prison sentence.
Coy also discovered a much more tangible connection with the congregation's past: "One of our parishioners is a seventh-generation descendent of one of the original congregation members, a man by the name of Elijah Smith,''