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COZCentre Opérationnel de Zone (French: Area Operations Center)
COZChild Opportunity Zone (Warren, RI)
COZCity of Zanesville (Ohio)
COZComputer Ondersteunde Zelfstudie (Dutch)
COZCommercial Overlay Zone (Idaho)
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It was a great boost to Coz, who attended Emley Moor First School and Kirkburton Middle School, and has embarked upon a full time film making career.
Rozhodne tak dochazelo k zajimavym a inspirativnim setkanim, coz ovsem neni zadnym prekvapenim uz jen pro samotnou povahu Bezpecnostneho fora, kdy dochazi ke stretu dvou sveWu: nejen bezpecnostni teorie, ale i jeji praxe.
disjunction] coz[Q] [less than or equal to] coz [[alpha].
Ve ctvrte kapitole se autorka snazi najit vazby a vliv CSR na globalizovany trh, coz cini z publikace velice zajimave cteni.
According to Le Coz, a key factor in deciding to purchase a DSI press was its flexibility.
France's Jean-Yves Le Coz, who heads Renault's road safety department, told an audience at the Ecole Superieure des Affaires (ESA) Thursday about the latest technological developments in improving road safety, and stressed the public's responsibility to cut down on accidents.
The only other comment I could make is that the many murders and other crimes committed by Le Coz resulted in his being charged, tried and rightfully hung for his numerous actions.
MOORE must have sold his soul to the devil or something, coz this man can play guitar like no mere mortal should ever be able to play guitar.
Aside from the book's inside covers, the screaming, lovable headlines of the Enquirer ("Miss America in Weird Cult--Brainwashed Members Even `Baa' Like Sheep," "Dolly's Breasts Are Killing Her," "Madonna Stole My Lesbian Lover") have been banished, replaced by straightforward, fact-riddled captions and congratulatory, curatorial prose by former editor in chief Steve Coz ("The Enquirer fills the needy psyche of an American society caught in a tortured love affair with celebrity") and Jonathan Mahler, a founding editor of the recently deceased Talk (the Enquirer is "a creature of a disillusioned nation").
Enquirer editor Steve Coz was outraged by Presley's announcement.
In a recent op-ed piece in the New York Times, Enquirer editor Steve Coz blasted his supermarket rack mate for staging the news, in effect, setting a sting for Gifford.