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They had the most delicious dainties for the taking--strange breads and crackers, cheeses, sausages, sardines--wonderful foods that I never saw on our meagre home-table.
No," said he; "we are bothered with cracker dust sometimes, but never with flour.
But Billina, who had flown to the top of a cracker house to be in a safe place, called out:
They were all made of crackers laid out in tiny squares, and were of many pretty and ornamental shapes, having balconies and porches with posts of bread-sticks and roofs shingled with wafer-crackers.
They pelted the little dog with hard-tack, crackers, and even articles of furniture which were hard baked and heavy enough for missiles.
This cracker made Gringoire's skin bristle up all over.
It was, since he could not escape from the Pope of the Fools, from Jehan Fourbault's bannerets, from May trusses, from squibs and crackers, to go to the Place de Grève.
I am laughing because I am happy," replied the Cracker.
if they were real crackers they could not be lovelier.
answered the Crackers, who were enjoying themselves immensely.
In the other end, cracker boxes were made to serve as furniture.