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CRAMChallenge-Response Authentication Mechanism
CRAMCaisse Régionale d'Assurance Maladie
CRAMCard Random Access Memory
CRAMCyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement
CRAMCentro de Recuperação de Animais Marinhos (Brazilian Marine Animal Rescue Center)
CRAMCommon Reflection Angle Migration (seismic processing)
CRAMClube de Radioamadores de Americana (Brazil)
CRAMcontrol random access memory
CRAMChalcogenide Random Access Memory (phase-change computer memory technology)
CRAMCache Random Access Memory
CRAMComputational Random Access Memory
CRAMComputerized Reliability Analysis Method
CRAMCommunications Routing and Metering
CRAMCell Re-Labelling At Merge Points
CRAMConditional Routing Allocation Message
CRAMContractual Requirements Recording Analysis and Management
CRAMCumulative Radio Audience Method
CRAMCustomer Requisitioning Account Module
CRAMControl Room Area Monitor
CRAMCalifornia Refugee Awareness Month
CRAMCombat Resource Allocation Model
CRAMContinuously Rotating Autocompensation Mechanization
CRAMCardiovascular Risk Assessment and Management Project
CRAMComités Régionaux d'Aéro-Modélisme (French aero-modeling club)
CRAMContract Research and Manufacturing
CRAMCounter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar
CRAMCounty Road Association of Michigan
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Cram was joined by other Olympic medallists such as Daley Thompson, Zac Purchase, Robbie Grabarz, and Olympic bronze medal-winning curlers Eve Muirhead and Vicki Adams.
Cram - who took Gold in the 1500 and 800m the last time the Commonwealths came to Scotland in 1986 - said: "I guess we will only find out a few years down the line if 2012 has been the year that really kick-started athletics again in Britain.
In January, the program expanded to 18 elementary schools, and Cram hopes to serve all 24 elementary schools by the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year.
Cram said: "People are waking up to the fact Laura is a contender for the team which is great.
Since 2001, The Cram Group is a leading Consulting, Hosting, and Software Development services provider focused on the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.
Cram said: "Recreational drugs are not the same as someone who has systematically tried to cheat to win.
Cram, nicknamed the 'Jarrow Arrow', stressed the importance of personal goal setting, mentoring and coaching.
Twice, cram down legislation had passed the House and appeared headed toward becoming law, only to fail in the Senate on both occasions in February 2008 and April 2009.
I like Pinsent but he doesn't know anything about ice hockey either so why on earth the BBC stuck him opposite the hapless Cram is anybody's guess.
Anyway, if Cram wants edge-of-the-seat entertainment he should hotfoot it from Vancouver to Belfast's Odyssey Arena in time for round three of the Premier League arrers.
Surely, this is a request by a supposedly learned man of letters married to the Reverend Pamela Cram who both support the Green Party; this is hardly a good way to encourage the local flock to listen to them?
One out of every four pupils at public elementary schools in Japan attend cram school after class as of November 2007, the education ministry said in a survey released Friday.