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CRSCentral Reservation System
CRSCan't Remember Stuff (polite form)
CRSCost Reduction Strategy
CRSConsumer Relations Specialist
CRSCertified Residential Specialist (real estate certification)
CRSCouncil of Residential Specialists
CRSCarrier Routing System (Cisco)
CRSCongressional Research Service
CRSCatholic Relief Services
CRSCoordinate Reference Systems
CRSControlled Release Society
CRSCreditor-Reporting-System (OECD)
CRSCountry Radio Seminar (annual trade show)
CRSCrystal Red Shrimp
CRSCongenital Rubella Syndrome
CRSCreation Research Society
CRSCampus Recreation Services
CRSComputer Reservation System
CRSCourt Records Search
CRSCost Responsibility Surcharge
CRSConstant Returns to Scale
CRSCalifornia Relay Service (Sprint)
CRSChief Review Services
CRSCell Relay Service (ATM)
CRSChristian Record Services (serving the blind)
CRSCompagnie Républicaine de Sécurité (French riot police)
CRSCambridge Reference Sequence
CRSConsumer Recreation Services (fictional company movie The Game)
CRSColorectal Surgery (medical procedure)
CRSCorrosion-Resistant Steel
CRSCalifornia Rally Series
CRSCroatian Register of Shipping
CRSCommon Reflection Surface
CRSCare Record Summary
CRSConstant Rate of Strain (soil testing)
CRSChemical Registry System
CRSConsole Replacement System
CRSCentral Receiver System (renewable energy)
CRSCalorie Restriction Society
CRSCertificate of Release to Service
CRSContent Replication System (Microsoft)
CRSCenter for Rural Strategies
CRSCanadian Rose Society
CRSCustomer Reservation System
CRSCalifornia Radiological Society
CRSComponent Repair Squadron
CRSCanadian Relocation Systems (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
CRSCommunication and Rhetorical Studies (academics)
CRSContractor Referral Service
CRSConfiguration Report Server (token ring)
CRSCosmic Ray Subsystem
CRSCosmic Ray Source
CRSCertified Resource Specialist
CRSCorporate Reporting System
CRSCzech Radiological Society
CRSCareer Retention Specialist
CRSCentre for Rhizobium Studies (Murdoch University, Australia)
CRSCustomer Requirements Specification (Project Management)
CRSComputer Resources Support
CRSChristian Rauch Schule (Bad Arolsen, Germany)
CRSChairman’s readiness system (US DoD)
CRSContent Replication Service
CRSCenter for Religion and Spirituality (Los Angeles, CA)
CRSComputer/Radio Subsystem
CRSControl and Reporting System
CRSConsumer Research Solutions, Inc.
CRSCo-Operative Retail Services, Ltd.
CRSCommon Registration Service
CRSCollection Resource System
CRSContract Reconciliation System
CRSChemical Reference Substance
CRSCoordinator for Reconstruction and Stability (State Department group - post-conflict operations)
CRSCathode Ray Syndrome (band)
CRSChromium-Reducible Sulphur (soil analysis test)
CRSCatering and Residential Services (University of Nottingham)
CRSCentral Refrigerated Service (West Valley City, UT trucking company)
CRSCan't Remember Something
CRSCarpatho-Rusyn Society (various locations; also seen as C-RS)
CRSConsumer Response System
CRSCranial-Rectal Syndrome :-)
CRSCornered Rat Studios (Playnet Incorporated; game developer)
CRSCall Reporting System
CRSContent Rendition Services (includes Autorender, Autorender Pro; Documentum)
CRSChange Request Sheet
CRSChurchill Road School
CRSCamion Rempli de Singes
CRSComplex Reconfiguration Study
CRSCorrectional Reporting System
CRSConditional Reserve Status
CRSCommunication Replacement System
CRSCurrent Readiness System
CRScontainer recovery system (US DoD)
CRSCataloging Reengineering System
CRSCircuit Reset Sending (CCS #7 ITU-T)
CRSCoupe avec Réserve de Semenciers (French: Seed Cup with Reserve; timber management)
CRSCustom Routing Service
CRSCamp Reception Station
CRSCreative Restaurant Solutions (Exton, PA)
CRSCentralized Referral System
CRSCash Receiving System (ATM, banking)
CRSCombined Resource Systems, Inc.
CRSCommercial Requirement Specification
CRSConsumer Radio Service (FCC)
CRSContingency Routing Scheme (air traffic)
CRSContingency Retention Stock
CRSContainer Release System
CRSCentral Radar System
CRSCatalog Reengineering System
CRSChamber Reducing Station
CRSClinical Record Service
CRSCO2 Reduction Subsystem
CRSCanyon Ridge School (Surprise, AZ)
CRSContingency Response Squadron
CRSCenter Road School (Vernon, CT)
CRSCrisis Response Survey
CRSCalibration Recall System
CRSCorrection & Rehabilitation Squadron
CRSConductivity Recording Switch
CRSComponent Requirement Schedule
CRSCommand Relay Section
CRSCarolina Southern Railway Company
CRSCrew Reserve Status
CRSCable Running Sheet
CRSCommunity Reimbursement System
CRSCentre for Requirements and Foundations (Oxford Universty)
CRSContractor Repair Support (USAF)
CRSCapital Replacement Schedule
CRSCommitment Records System (Colorado)
CRSCurrent Research Summaries
CRSCertification Review Series
CRSCustomer Reserved Stock
CRSCommunications Relay Set
CRSCan't Repair Stuff (polite form)
CRSCIS Receiver Suite
CRSCertified Reinspector Seminar (insurance)
CRSCard Repository System (US Air Force)
CRSCustomer Representative Supervisor
CRSCellules de Reflexion et de Suivi (French)
CRSCodepoint Routing System (Sprint)
CRSCompact Radio Station (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union; small computer-based radio)
CRSCustomer Record System
CRSCross Range Stick
CRSCommunications Realism Submodel
CRSChild Restaint System
CRSChloroplast RNA Splicing
CRSCyber Research Systems Corporation (Terminator series)
CRSCombined Resource Solutions (Exton, PA)
CRSCounty Road System (various locations)
CRSChild Rebel Soldier (band)
CRSChildren's Rehabilitative Services
CRScoastal radio station (US DoD)
CRSCommunications Recording Systems (Dictaphone Corp.)
CRSColorado Revised Statutes (State laws)
CRSChilton Research Services
CRSComparison Rate Schedule (finance)
CRSCivil Registration System (various locations)
CRSChauffage Ramonage Service (French: Heating Sweeping Service)
CRSChildren's Rehabilitation Services
CRSCollege Readiness Standards (education)
CRSCorneal Refractive Surgery (eyes)
CRSCertified Repair Station (US FAA)
CRSCommunity Rating System (insurance)
CRSCommunity Relations Service
CRSChurch of Religious Science
CRSCold Rolled Steel
CRSCommercial Reservation System
CRSCommonwealth Rehabilitation Service
CRSCertified Road Supervisor (Canada)
CRSChristian Religious Studies
CRSComputer Related Studies (course and degree)
CRSCriminal Record Search (various locations)
CRSCo-Operative Retail Society
CRSCommunity Relations Staff
CRSClinical Reference Systems
CRSCredit Risk Systems (various locations)
CRSCommercially Reasonable Security
CRSCentralized Results System
CRSCommonwealth Record Series (Australia)
CRSCommunicable Disease Surveillance and Response (WHO)
CRSCentre de Réadaptation Spécialisé (French: Specialized Rehabilitation Center)
CRSCrisis Resolution Service (various locations)
CRSCentralized Reservation System
CRSCompass Rose Society
CRSCentre for Rhetoric Studies (South Africa)
CRSColorado Resort Services (hotel company)
CRSChinese Restaurant Syndrome (medical condition)
CRSComplete Resource Sharing
CRSComputer Repair Services (various locations)
CRSChronic Rhinosinusitis
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2 Hypocalcaemia (DiGeorge) syndrome Learning difficulties Immune dysfunction VACTERL-H Hydrocephalus Baller-Gerold Craniosynostosis syndrome Polymicrogyria, mental retardation
One of the two large case-control studies examining the teratogenic effects of SSRIs found no significant associations between SSRI use overall and congenital heart defects; but revealed an association with anencephaly, craniosynostosis, and omphalocele, with a small absolute risk (5).
At just four months old, Mia underwent a gruelling six-and-half-hour operation when medics diagnosed her with craniosynostosis - a rare condition, which only affects one in every 3,000 children.
Several hypotheses have been proposed to explain a familial disease that caused the bizarre appearance of the royalty, including Marfan syndrome, Wilson-Turner X-linked mental retardation syndrome, Frohlich syndrome (adiposogenital dystrophy), Klinefelter syndrome, androgen insensitivity syndrome, (1) myotonic dystrophy, (2) and aromatase excess syndrome in conjunction with sagittal craniosynostosis syndrome, or Antley-Bixler syndrome.
It is an opportunity for me to make a profound difference in the lives of children and families affected by craniosynostosis.
In prepubertal children, there is accelerated growth and bone maturation leading to advanced bone age, premature fusion of the growth plates, short stature, and craniosynostosis.
Craniosynostosis is a condition in which one or more of the fibrous sutures in an infant skull fuses prematurely, and is often associated with abnormal head shape.
Mr Duncan's patients have various rare conditions including apert syndrome - a genetic disease when the seams between the skull bones close earlier than normal - and craniosynostosis, a birth defect which results in an abnormally shaped skull.
Other, less common anomalies in GCPS include craniosynostosis, mental retardation, agenesis of the corpus callosum, and umbilical and diaphragmatic hernias.
Regarding the craniofacial changes, craniosynostosis, and frontal bossing [Shetty and Meyer, 1991; Carlsen et al.
AoThe craniofacial unit has operated on 334 patients since July 2008 and this includes complex craniofacial fractures, craniofacial deformities, craniosynostosis, cleft lip and palate, septorhinoplasty, head and neck cancer, skin cancer, head and neck vascular malformation, general plastic surgical cases, hand surgery, microsurgery and burn surgery,Ao said Dr Taimoor.
Ben is a little Nativity miracle himself because he was born with the rare condition craniosynostosis and almost died.