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CRKComstock Resources, Inc. (various locations)
CRKCurriculum Resource Kit
CRKCommission Régionale Karting (French: Regional Karting Commission)
CRKCustomer Retrieval Key (US EPA)
CRKComité Régional Kendo (French: Regional Kendo Committee)
CRKChristian Religious Knowledge
CRKCable Repair Kit
CRKClark Field, Luzon Island, Philippines (Airport Code)
CRKConsumer Remote Keyboard (GE/RCA remote control model designation)
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"But, after all," he wound up, "Fynes was a crank, when all's said and done.
I only know that he was a quiet-living, decent sort of a chap, but, as I put it to our young friend the newspaper man, he was a crank."
In the eyes of the world Pierre was a great gentleman, the rather blind and absurd husband of a distinguished wife, a clever crank who did nothing but harmed nobody and was a first-rate, good-natured fellow.
Another Chicago crank had a scheme by which he wanted me to join him in an effort to close up all the National banks in the country.
It is true, Bannerman was in Vallejo, on secret government business, at the time of the destruction of Mare Island; and it is true that on the streets of Vallejo Emil Gluck was pointed out to him as a queer crank; but no impression was made at the time.
The worst of it is, these people--a man and his wife and a niece--might have been, one feels, just like everybody else, if they hadn't got swallowed up by Oxford or Cambridge or some such place, and been made cranks of.
"Did you ever see such a set of cranks? The woman asked me if I thought her husband looked like a gentleman!"
He comes to a gateway in the brick wall, looks in, and sees a great perplexity of iron lying about in every stage and in a vast variety of shapes--in bars, in wedges, in sheets; in tanks, in boilers, in axles, in wheels, in cogs, in cranks, in rails; twisted and wrenched into eccentric and perverse forms as separate parts of machinery; mountains of it broken up, and rusty in its age; distant furnaces of it glowing and bubbling in its youth; bright fireworks of it showering about under the blows of the steam-hammer; red-hot iron, white-hot iron, cold-black iron; an iron taste, an iron smell, and a Babel of iron sounds.
In another, the ground was cumbered with rusty iron monsters of steam-boilers, wheels, cranks, pipes, furnaces, paddles, anchors, diving-bells, windmill-sails, and I know not what strange objects, accumulated by some speculator, and grovelling in the dust, underneath which - having sunk into the soil of their own weight in wet weather - they had the appearance of vainly trying to hide themselves.
Two spring loaded 8-32 screws pass through the upper curved radius keeping the two spring locks positively against each sprocket tooth as the crank is turned to wind the cable.
Dialogic Inc (Nasdaq:DLGC), a provider of products and technologies for mobile operators, has appointed Bill Crank as senior vice president, Worldwide Sales and Services, the company announced on Monday.
Kolbe offers a variety of universal design window and door products, as well as specialized locks, handles, cranks, and sills.