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CRKCCanadian Rookie Karting Championship (Ontario, Canada)
CRKCChrist the Rock Kingdom Church (Warri, Nigeria)
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We designed CrankCase to be reliable so you don't have to worry about having a car charger or wall outlet to power your mobile device.
What happens is that the crankcase ventilation system gets plugged up and doesn't allow oil fumes to be purged from the engine.
2) Extruding the grid structure for the displacement volume, the clearance volume and the equivalent crankcase volume.
CFS helps reduce crankcase blow-by emissions through a two-stage coalescing process while maintaining crankcase pressures.
The second day of the event will focus on filter media developments for air intake, oil, fuel, transmission, crankcase and other applications.
TCD engines typically require four to five ducts versus the current two to three: Crankcase breathers, air-charger inlets, air-charger returns, and other ducts are targets for 3D blow molding.
The aluminum specialists announced Thursday that they will manufacture and ship lower crankcase bed plates for GM's 4-cylinder engine platform.
The flow path for the compressed air is guided between stages, coolers as well as the crankcase.
Included in the proposed measures are technical standards for exhaust, evaporative, and crankcase emissions, onboard diagnostic systems, and other vehicle emission control systems.
It was recognised for its effort in bringing back to life to the world-famous Triumph Bonneville motorcycle by re-casting its lower crankcase.
Traditional oil wiper packings tend to be unreliable, leaking crankcase oil into the distance piece or allowing migration of crankcase oil along the piston rod.