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Automotive Crankcase AdditivesMarket can be segmented as follows;
Weld repairs are allowed in crankcase bores, in supports, webs and fillets of the bearing bores and around stud holes, cylinder decks and mating flanges.
What happens is that the crankcase ventilation system gets plugged up and doesn't allow oil fumes to be purged from the engine.
2) Extruding the grid structure for the displacement volume, the clearance volume and the equivalent crankcase volume.
These fittings are designed to allow routing of hoses vertical to the crankcase filter.
In addition, the 260 Series features variable output (1,000-3,000 rpm), using an efficient brushless dc motor, an enclosed crankcase for reduced sound, and Thomas's WOB-L piston technology.
This product is targeted for clean air intake ducts, charge air cooler ducts and crankcase ventilation components.
A variable output of 1,000 to 3,000 RPM using a brushless DC motor, an enclosed crankcase for reduced sound and Thomas' WOB-L[R] piston technology.
Swedish vehicle technology solutions provider Haldex AB said on Friday (19 October) that two major US diesel engine manufacturers have chosen Alfdex AB's oil mist separator system for cleaning of crankcase gases, for deliveries during 2007, 2008 and 2009.
To help manage the weight of the engine, engineers relied on racing-derived materials, including sand-cast aluminum crankcase and cylinder heads, titanium connecting rods and valves, and sand-cast magnesium engine covers.
recently announced that the California Air Resources Board (ARB) has verified the company's diesel multi-stage filter (DMF) muffler system with or without the Donaldson Spiracle crankcase filter system for 1991 to 2002 model year diesel engines used in on-road applications operating on ultra-low-sulfur diesel.