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CRAWCatamaran Racing Association of Wisconsin (Lake Mills, Wisconsin)
CRAWConstituted Ray Art Weapon (gaming)
CRAWCompact Rapid Attack Weapon
CRAWCarrier Replacement Air Wing
CRAWColony Records Analysis Workshop
CRAWConstruction Risk Assessment Workshop
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It became a top seller for Luck-E-Strike Bait Company and was soon joined by Hale's Craw Worm, Jawtec's Wacky Craw, Larew's Salt Craw, and more old favorites.
A flappin' trailer adds vibration and slows the fall, while a craw or beaver falls faster, with a slight glide.
Mr Craw and his wife, Ray, 46, spent four harrowing days listening to the catalogue of failures which led to Andrew's death on a firing range in Iraq just hours after he arrived there in January 2004.
L Cpl Craw, of the 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, died in January 2004 on the way to a military hospital in Basra.
Occasionally Craw strayed across to Stanislav Varga's side in the hope of getting a bit more change out of him.
More subtle ribs adorn the Flippin' Craw and Flappin' Bug, another case of crossover features.
Lce Cpl Craw, of Tullibody, Clacks, died in January 2004 as he tried to unjam a newly issued gun.
It might stick in the craw of council members to acknowledge that principle of self-determination, but it's not their decision in the first place.
He is survived by his school days sweetheart and wife of 63 years, Margery Craw Sprague.
An inquest ruled Lance Corporal Andrew Craw, 21, was completely blameless for the training-ground tragedy that saw him shot in the head just hours after arriving in Iraq.
Lance Corporal Andrew James Craw, 21, was killed just a day after arriving with the 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in January 2004.