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CRAWLChildren Resolution and Women Learning Society (Calcutta, India)
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They're dying rats, dying of starvation, when they crawl along that rope.
Still the Indian Summer held on, and he continued to crawl and faint, turn and turn about; and ever the sick wolf coughed and wheezed at his heels.
I have done my best to rise, but I shall try again, and if you will try possibly each of us can crawl halfway, and then you shall have your `winnings.
It seemed that he must have lain thus an hour waiting for the thing to crawl out of the dark and end his misery.
As for that, we dragonettes would love to eat you, my child; but unfortunately mother has tied all our tails around the rocks at the back of our individual caves, so that we can not crawl out to get you.
Oh, she is sometimes gone for several weeks on her hunting trips, and if we were not tied we would crawl all over the mountain and fight with each other and get into a lot of mischief.
Being reassured by the fact that the creatures could not crawl out of their rock-pockets, the children and the Wizard now took time to examine them more closely.
Matthew Jones, 34, said: "Once again the boys ventured on their annual pub crawl around Porth and Pontypridd.
Sealing and insulating the crawl space would probably make your living room smell better, and it would also help it stay warmer in winter.
Another year has passed and Mark and I are looking forward to our fourth Culture Crawl, again in Liverpool.
The organisers, Hullabaloo Promotions, have now announced that another Disney themed pub crawl will be coming to the city.
To make it more practical for hunting, a nocking point can be placed at the desired crawl distance.