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CREDCentre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters
CREDCommunity Carbon Reduction Project (UK)
CREDCentre for Renewable Energy Development
CREDCenter for Research on Economic Development
CREDCenter for Research and Education on Democracy
CREDCollaborative Research for Effective Diagnosis (Sherbrooke University; Canada)
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This kind of credibility seems to stem from something more esoteric--based in traits that are more about human interpersonal relations and less about publication lists and scientific standing.
In 2010, Dun and Bradstreet divested its self-awareness solutions business to Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corp.
Although Chan, Lee, and Pan (2006) examined how Chinese journalists assessed the credibility of online news websites, little attention has been paid to the news consumers' perception of media credibility in China.
First, we report on survey data that examine credibility perceptions among Arab countries audiences.
The Pakistani media industry needs to come up with innovative methodology, which can complement the current trends and establish the authenticity of the content on the basis of credibility, reliability and professional matureness of the people creating news on daily basis.
Asked during a news conference what had happened to American credibility, the president responded, "We may have lost some with some people, but situations change.
The Credibility Lab will also be working to explore the potential for innovation and economic development in a knowledge-based society, which lies in a more prominent role for the university and the hybridization of elements from university, industry and government to generate new institutional and social formats for the production, transfer and application of knowledge.
performance) on an athletic endorser's source credibility and the potential impact on the endorsed brand (i.
A news portal that uses stories from a credible source gets a boost in credibility and might even make money through advertising," said Sundar.
Saying that there needs to be a quick end to the rescue talks involving Greece, Weber dismissed concerns that the Greek debt crisis could undermine the credibility of the euro.
We verify that recent developments in multivariate credibility theory improve the prediction significantly, and we contribute to this theory with new robust estimation methods for time (in-)dependency.