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CREDControl Room and Inquiry Department (Thames Valley Police Department; UK)
CREDCentre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters
CREDCommunity Carbon Reduction Project (UK)
CREDCentre for Renewable Energy Development
CREDCenter for Research on Economic Development
CREDCenter for Research and Education on Democracy
CREDCollaborative Research for Effective Diagnosis (Sherbrooke University; Canada)
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Source credibility has been identified as a salient variable in persuasive communications (Chaiken, 1987; Hovland et al., 1953; McCroskey & Young, 1981; Ohanian, 1990, 1991; Pornpitakpan, 2004), and even children as young as three or four have been shown to evaluate source credibility (Mills, 2013; Landrum, Eaves, & Shafto, 2015).
Contrarily, other scholars argue that only physical beauty is not the only important feature, rather credibility of the celebrity is equally essential.
She said the police should leave the investigatory obligation of economic crimes to the commission and the DPP because of its [police service's] poor credibility record.
Moreover, many Internet credibility studies use controlled experiments to predict credibility perceptions with particular source cues as heuristics for information processing (Metzger, Flanagin & Medders, 2010; Sundar & Hastall, 2006).
There are four crucial "Credibility Habits" A successful and sustainable career or business is built on established and reinforced credibility.
With the addition of nbkc, Credibility Capital expands its roster of bank buyers for A-paper whole commercial loans.
Just as credibility is a key component of trust, it's a vital element of effective leadership.
The Latin root of the word credibility is "credere," which means "to believe." Sure, it's very easy to believe a cell biologist speaking about CHO cells, because she's published 6 papers dealing with the subject.
This has resulted in an incredibly fragmented media environment composed of transnational and domestic Arab satellite news channels competing for credibility in the eyes of Arab audiences across the region.
The credibility of Napoles in that detention case does not affect her credibility or the credibility of the witnesses for that matter,' Morales said.
Establishing and Evaluating Digital Ethos and Online Credibility