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CRESOLCentre Réseau Économie Solidaire (French: Solidarity Economy Network Center)
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Las propiedades fisicoquimicas del GA que lo hacian diferente del formaldehido como poseer un peso especifico mayor, lo que haria que difundiera mas lentamente; dos dobles ligaduras en los extremos que fijarian mejor al tejido pulpar y el que solamente un grupo de aminoacidos (las epsilon aminas de las lisinas) reaccionaran con la proteinas pulpares para crear enlaces de metileno y la consecuente fijacion histologica mas lenta y selectiva a diferencia del formaldehido en donde son varios grupos de aminoacidos: aminos, iminos, hidroxilos que hacen el proceso mas rapido, (26,27) ademas de que no contenia cresol, lo harian una mejor opcion en pulpotomias de dientes primarios.
The current study clearly implies the use of formo- cresol to be more successful than calcium hydroxide concluding a significant difference in the success of the two materials (p=0.
Industrial chemical cresols and downstream derivatives.
RFLP analysis of the unpurified COIII/ND3 PCR product was performed in the presence of a cresol red loading buffer.
La positividad de la prueba se evidencia a traves de la formacion de gas (tubo de Durham) y el viraje del indicador Rojo de Cresol de pardo naranja a rojo.
Cresol solution was found to be contained in a fluid diet for two longtime patients at Yamanashi Red Cross Hospital in the town of Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi Prefecture, on Wednesday, prompting police to suspect foul play, police officials said Thursday.
Due to this, the body heat will increase the amounts of chemicals released when the telephone is used, among these phenol and cresol as well as biphenyl, trichlorphenol and dibenzofuran.
Called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), these gases include formaldehyde, acetone, chloraform, cresol and ammonia, which can be found in synthetic carpet fibers, plastics, dry cleaned goods, paint, and wood glues and preservatives.
Police said the poison used in the latest attack was cresol, a powerful and toxic disinfectant.
On the other hand, many others, including the most popular brand, Lysol disinfectant, contained cresol (a distillate of coal and wood) or mercury chloride, either of which, when used in too high a concentration, caused severe inflammation, burning, and even death.
Cresol and phenol, found in Chloraseptic, may cause a brown or yellow-green color that darkens on standing.
com/research/6tkkr8/para_cresol_cas) has announced the addition of the "Para Cresol (CAS 106-44-5) Market Research Report 2012" report to their offering.