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This did not allow the skipper and crewman sufficient time to collect their lifejackets from below decks prior to jumping overboard.
Fortunately, this crewman only sustained injuries to his shoulder.
However, I do know the safety officer hadn't recognized the danger the crewman was in.
A BRITISH father and his teenage son were rescued along with a crewman after their yacht started breaking up in the Caribbean.
A lifeboat crewman ready to fly to a disaster zone at 24-hours' notice has taken part in a major training exercise.
In 30ft-high seas, the locum doctor for the island of Hoy was airlifted by Coastguard helicopter from the RNLI's Longhope lifeboat to the 42,000-tonne tanker, FR8 Venture, where she stabilised a badly injured crewman.
The injured crewman was flown to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary by the helicopter.
Russia returned the body of the crewman who was shot shortly after the boat was seized and released the two crewmen under custody ahead of Sakashita, saying the skipper bears heavier responsibility than the others.
Coast Guard rescued an injured crewman aboard a fishing boat off the Oregon Coast Sunday.
The Coast Guard dispatched an aircraft and patrol boats to the area near Himeshima, a small island just off the coast of Oita Prefecture, and rescued Watanabe and crewman Tomohiro Shirahama, 26, who were drifting in the sea just before 8 a.
The skipper and one injured crewman were aboard the fishing boat.
The bodies of three crewmen were recovered after an exhaustive search and efforts are still continuing to find the fourth crewman who's also feared dead.