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CRIMComputer Research Institute of Montreal
CRIMCentro de Recaudación de Ingresos Municipales (Municipal Internal Revenue Center, San Juan)
CRIMCentre de Recherche en Ingénierie Multilingue (Center for Research in Multilingual Engineering; France)
CRIMCenter for Robotics and Intelligent Machines
CRIMConverged Remote Infrastructure Management (Unisys)
CRIMCollège Régional de l'Information Médicale
CRIMCommercial Refrigeration Incubation Module
CRIMCockpit Resource Management
CRIMCargo Routing Information Management
CRIMCentre de Recherche d'Informatique de Montreal
CRIMChemical Release Module
CRIMCertified Risk & Insurance Management
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This being the case, let me ask if it is consistent with common-sense to suppose that a provision obliging the legislative power to commit the trial of criminal causes to juries, is a privation of its right to authorize or permit that mode of trial in other cases?
I would that they had a madness by which they succumbed, like this pale criminal!
The sentence however was more merciful than could have been expected, perhaps partly because the criminal had not tried to justify himself, but had rather shown a desire to exaggerate his guilt.
The homes of the Military and Artisan classes were inspected in a course of visitations extending through upwards of a year; and during that period every town, village, and hamlet was systematically purged of that excess of the lower orders which had been brought about by the neglect to pay the tribute of Criminals to the Schools and University, and by the violation of the other natural Laws of the Constitution of Flatland.
"And now, Fellow Citizens and Creatures of the Jury, I assert that so awful a crime deserves death, and in the case of the ferocious criminal before you--who is now washing her face--the death penalty should be inflicted nine times."
The unhappy girl fell back on her criminal's seat, speechless, tearless, white as a wax figure.
"All these details came back to my mind when I had once fixed on Larsan as the criminal. But they were too late then to be of any use to me.
"'Eh, you love another man, and have entered into criminal intrigues with him?'" (Mimicking her husband, she threw an emphasis on the word "criminal," as Alexey Alexandrovitch did.) " 'I warned you of the results in the religious, the civil, and the domestic relation.
The weight of his fallen fortunes seemed suddenly to crush him; he could not foresee the consequences; he could not contemplate the future with the indifference of the hardened criminal who merely faces a contingency already familiar.
He was a master criminal, and he lived last century--1750 or thereabouts."
"The proof of its intrinsic simplicity is, that without any help save a few very ordinary deductions I was able to lay my hand upon the criminal within three days."
A criminal strain ran in his blood, which, instead of being modified, was increased and rendered infinitely more dangerous by his extraordinary mental powers.