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CRIPCentre de Recherche en Infeciologie Porcine (Canadian infectious disease center)
CRIPCysteine-Rich Intestinal Protein
CRIPSwine Infectious Disease Research Centre (Canada)
CRIPChicago Rock Island Pacific (US Railroad)
CRIPCommunity Revolution In Progress
CRIPCost Reduction Incentive Proposal
CRIPCommunity Resources for an Independent People (Nixon-era government funded program in Los Angeles; precursor to CRIP gang)
CRIPCalifornia Revolutionary Independent Party
CRIPClave de Registro de Identidad Personal (Mexico; often appears on birth certificates)
CRIPChrist Rest in Peace
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Aside from California, the Tongan Crips are active in Salt Lake City and internationally, including New Zealand, Australia and Canada.
Feminist Queer Crip makes significant contributions to our understanding of how disability works in the world--contributions that no other academic book in the field of interdisciplinary disability studies has done as thoroughly.
The Crips and Bloods are the bastard offspring of the political parties of the 60s.
Notably, from 2000 to 2006, CRIP followed the curriculum policy directions in the Matane Report rather the later Sector Review.
The Crip Walk is a hip-hop dance that was made famous by Crip gang members in Compton, California, in the 70's.
Clean Global Energy's advanced Linear CRIP (Controlled Retractable Injection Point) UCG process provides greater efficiencies and control with less overall operating and capital costs.
We stole the name Crip Slam from someone else, with their permission.
In the final section of our tables, we find that, when controlling for the unemployment rate (both SA and NSA), robbery Granger-causes Crip gang membership.
In the case of a 74 tattoo, the tattoo can represent a 74 Hoover Crip or a Gangster Disciple (74=GD).
The stories in Queer Crips are a mixed bag: some sparkle, while others fizzle.
Early-maturing varieties stay crip and thin-skinned; they're best sautted, boiled, or steamed and cannot be stored more than two to four weeks.
46mm, ID=20mm, middle OD= 85mm, middle ID= 20mm crip distance=255mm Qty 6 nos,Brass stud for BFP motor with 03 No.