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Within this complexity underwriters focus their energies on the long lead critical items which could most affect the project timeline.
When a concept (studied word) is processed, the resulting activation is spread among related concepts, including the critical item, which become highly activated.
In general, fewer than half the establishments were cited for any particular critical item during the study period, although only 8.
Graying of the critical items: effects of aging on responding to MMPI-2 critical items.
Using the interactive query capabilities available from the FMS management information systems to actively manage and forecast resupply and critical item support.
The next bit of information would be the critical item set and failure factors for those critical items.
The exemptive relief from the SEC was cited as the single, most critical item that remains unresolved.
The cast pedal is a structural, safety critical item that also requires good cosmetics.
However, there is greater risk of people being scammed, not through online banking, but with companies (having coerced people to sign up to direct debit for council tax, utility bills etc) distributing critical items of personal data to processing agencies located overseas.
The MLK team worked closely with all principals to navigate the challenges throughout the process, to ensure that critical items were addressed promptly and according to schedule.
While it's a preview of what to expect in the module, it already contains the so-called critical items which essentially say if something runs 'the risk of the life of the person' or of violating a certain regulation.
He added that the PPO, not only deal with the crew's personal mail, but also official mail that could affect things like the receipt of mission critical items, advancement exams, and fitness reports and evaluations.
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