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CROISCroissant (French: Crescent; Canada Post street designation)
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The Swiss croissant differs from the more familiar French variety in taste and texture.
So we asked Scotland's favourite Frenchman, Pierre Levicky of restaurant chain Pierre Victoire, to give an insight into what a real French croissant should look and taste like.
"Croissants were new; most of our customers called them crescents," Williams says.
Fill each croissant with 1 tablespoon filling rolled into a 3-inch log.
But neither my croissant nor coffee were as good as the Pret A Manger ones on nearby New Street - where eat-in prices are PS1.40 (almond croissant) and PS2.10 (coffee).
French Croissant Co confirmed: "As soon as we found out we stopped using First Universal Service."
The wall of displays, which separates the sales aisle from the preparation area, starts at the end of a busy perimeter aisle with a 12-foot arrangement of four acrylic self-service doored units displaying Danish and cinnamon rolls (both made with the croissant dough base), doughnuts (one of the department's fastest sellers, prepared from the only mix used in the bakery), fritters, Bismarks and long johns.
Heat oven to 180C | Make an incision on top of the croissant.
Heat the oven to 160C/325F/Gas Mark 3, pour some boiling water in a deep roasting tin, put it in the oven and then place the croissant and custard dish into it.