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Issues of a reasonable selection of cross sections of electrical wires and cables used in electrical equipment (electrical installations) of industrial electric power industry have been and are being given increased attention [1].
The indent depth and the plastic zone are much smaller in the oblique cross section approach.
When a design prestress level was selected and named [([P.sup.-1]).sub.D], by its substitution into (24) and (25), two candidates for the eccentricity in each cross section can be found via the following formulas:
Table 1: Scattering cross section of sphere particle with the different position (r = 0.1, [lambda] = 0.5, m = 1.33).
The global z, y-axes of the cross section could have arbitrary origin but usually it is assumed to be placed either in the elastic or plastic centroid of the cross-section.
where the first and second terms represent the direct and fragmentation contributions, respectively, and X indicates the inclusive nature of the cross section as usual.
Calculation of Centerline and Extraction of Cross Section. To define a plane required for extraction of 2D cross sections from the 3D blood vessel intima model in a tube form, one 3D point and normal vector are required.
The available measured data from EXFOR library for the cross section (n,p) and (n,[alpha]), measured for Zr (A=90 and 96) have been plotted interpolated and recalculated in different fine steps and for different energy range of incident neutron by using Matlab-8.0 in order to calculate the recommended cross section for each mentioned reactions.
Additionally, raster logs can be used to create cross sections.
Updated from a charter 2008 version and available in a free trial, Permeable Design Pro Software v2.0 for permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) generates time-saving cross section drawings with base and subbase thicknesses, plus CAD drawings illustrating calculated hydrologic and structural requirements from user-designated rainfall events, runoff flows from contiguous surfaces, traffic loads, underdrains and soil subgrade characterizations.