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XTLExtensible Transformation Language
XTLExecutable Temporal Language
XTLXml Transformation Language
XTLCross the Line (expression)
XTLXpress Train Limited
XTLXML (Extensible Markup Language) Transformation Language (computer programming)
XTLAnything-To-Liquids (synthetic fuels)
XTLXML Template Language
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You can trim up to any extent, and be as free and easy as squaws in a wigwam, for this corner is set apart for you ladies and we never cross the line uncle is drawing until we ask leave.
290419HALF_05 Elated Relief as runners cross the line
Stark said: "For the first goal our keeper is adamant the ball didn't cross the line.
"Shaan said that fighting for one's country whether already existing or one that is being strived to create is the greatest fight."Unfortunately, [the non-state actors] tend to cross the line and get addicted to the depression and the pain.
However, Shaan went on to say that actors "cross the line" and get "addicted" to depression as if it were a choice.
The Sunderland Stroller, who had to bypass the European Championships last month, showed plenty of resilience to cross the line in 75min 42secs, just five minutes outside her best ever half-marathon time.
Sean Castens history on social media shows a pattern of statements that cross the line and appear to stir the pot just to cause controversy.
How do I respond to future interviewers who seem to cross boundaries?There are appropriate personal questions to ask during an interview but sometimes HR people cross the line as they scrutinise candidates.
Leandro Cabrera headed on to the inside of the post and the ball appeared to cross the line before Betis keeper Antonio Adan hooked it out and back into play.
Majka had been part of a breakaway and made the decisive move with six miles remaining to cross the line 27 seconds ahead of Astana's Miguel Angel Lopez, with Nibali and Froome following four seconds further back.
They placed a hoarding on a road with Bumrah's picture and a caption, 'Don't cross the line. You know it can be costly.'
'There is a serious need to re-asses and possibly, formulate the PNP's rules of engagement in order to ensure that government forces will not cross the line during such encounters,' the resolution said.
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