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The microphone would be less than a foot from David's mouth yet we hear no screams of distress or pain from him other than a slight vocal noise as the scene cross-fades, which could possibly be breathing difficulty from having a hand across his face.
Ripples, cross-fades, sparkles, strobes and bursts were used to coordinate with Key's hit Empire State of Mind.
The state-of-the-art dynamic lighting system from PCK is unique to ESB and allows customized light capabilities from a palette of over 16 million colors in limitless combinations along with effects previously not possible such as ripples, cross-fades, sparkles, chasers, sweeps, strobes and bursts.
Other techniques include cross-fades and overlapping patterns to create drama.
If a player's getting to a more mysterious area or there's an ambush about to happen, we can trigger the music through the game maps so it cross-fades in better.
The second song is then cued up so that it begins at the right place and CAMMS then cross-fades from song one to song two, using a volume envelope which works best for the two tracks.
Creates mixes with DJ-style smooth cross-fades -- Produces 100% Redbook masters for commercial replication -- ideal for GarageBand users -- Burns directly from Jam allowing the application to run independently of Toast
Let's face it, nobody wanted to hear us jam, so instead we could use collages, black-outs, edits, and cross-fades, take the inspired bits and mix in the voodoo jetplanes and Godzilla.
Each photos-to-video ad becomes a video tour with image pans, zooms and cross-fades.