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When you open these files, Turner automatically finds provisions, defined terms, cross-references, and more -- so you can start working almost instantly.
and present the varying strengths with which a cross-reference may be
The court found some basis in a congressional committee report for concluding that the cross-reference refers to the large corporate underpayment definition.
When the TM undergoes a revision, the cross-reference index is updated and the supplemental index goes away.
lists 5,000 commercially used metals and alloys in one designation system, and cross-references them with the designations used by such groups as The Aluminum Association, the American Iron and Steel Institute, SAE's Aerospace Materials Specifications, and the Defense Department.
Cross-references in the general rules to the more complex situations and special cases should permit the general user to "stop" at the end of the general rules, without having to read the significantly more complex rules.
Cross-reference lists of gaming sites by software developer and licensing jurisdiction
NASDAQ:CATS), a leading supplier of high performance mixed signal and memory solutions, today announced an advanced cross-reference tool referred to as GetAcross(TM).
Visitors can also choose one of two cross-reference options: customer to AMP cross-reference or competitor to AMP cross-reference.
The "Business" function enables users to cross-reference keywords to a database that melds Dun & Bradstreet's extensive database with Accoona's own database of business information, totaling more than 60 million businesses worldwide.
When and if the CoreReports, CoreDossier Global and Cross-Reference Plus modules or products will be made available remains at the sole discretion of ESPS, Inc.
The Guide features cross-reference lists of casinos, casino-hotels, Indian casinos, card rooms, riverboat casinos, casino cruises, cruise ships, racinos, tracks, and more.