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and present the varying strengths with which a cross-reference may be
The IRS argued that the cross-reference is intended to refer only to the definition of "taxable period" and that, since the large corporate underpayment had set up a different threshold ($100,000 vs.
When the TM undergoes a revision, the cross-reference index is updated and the supplemental index goes away.
The 9th edition includes more than 600 new and revised designations, an updated cross-reference section and an expanded index of common names.
lists 5,000 commercially used metals and alloys in one designation system, and cross-references them with the designations used by such groups as The Aluminum Association, the American Iron and Steel Institute, SAE's Aerospace Materials Specifications, and the Defense Department.
Cross-references in the general rules to the more complex situations and special cases should permit the general user to "stop" at the end of the general rules, without having to read the significantly more complex rules.
Volumes were generally compiled in alphabetical order, so the compilers of the later volumes had more information on which to base cross-references, and were more likely to cross-reference existing entries than the still uncompiled ones.
Hyperlinking: Trade names manufacturers to Manufacturers Directory and websites; Generic chemicals to Generic Products, Trade Name Cross-Reference, FDA 21CFR's to Regulatory Cross-Reference with Web links.
The online cross-reference guide matches full-function drivers to OEM LCDs equipped with LED backlights.
Entries are in tabular format, with brief notes on chemical composition and cross-reference specifications.
Within each cross-reference are general categories and subcategories.
The two volumes are paged separately, and each provides a cumulative index, which seems to be the only cross-reference between the volumes.