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XRExtended-Release (pharmaceuticals)
XRExchange Rate (currency)
XRExtinction Rebellion (activist organization)
XRExtended Range
XRXref (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
XRX-Linked Recessive (skin condition)
XRExperimental Research (Ford Motor Company)
XRJesus Christ (from first 2 letters of Greek Christos; archaic)
XRXtreme Revolution (gaming)
XRExternal Reset
XRExperimental Rocket
XRExceptional Requirements (Maricopa County, AZ community college system)
XRExport Reactor
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Cross-reference or other values are deprecated, updated, deleted
Under the taxonomy I advocate, a cross-reference may be
The IRS argued that the cross-reference is intended to refer only to the definition of "taxable period" and that, since the large corporate underpayment had set up a different threshold ($100,000 vs.
When the TM undergoes a revision, the cross-reference index is updated and the supplemental index goes away.
Moreover, Bednarz develops a compelling timeline for each phase of the struggle (9, 265-76), carefully untangling the evidence of personal invective, reference and cross-reference, theater companies, authorship, interpolations, and publications.
Hill-Donnelly, which published the first cross-reference directory in 1917, now produces more than 230 cross-reference directories in both print and CD--ROM annually.
The system provides an easy way to cross-reference the many different numbering systems used to identify metals and alloys in use.
Entries for metals and alloys include their Unified Number Systems (UNS) designations, their chemical compositions and a cross-reference to other national specification systems.
The National Police Agency (NPA) will launch a system March 1 to cross-reference palm prints left at crime scenes with some 1 million palm prints recorded at the agency, NPA officials said Thursday.
Some of the NATO names have been contained in articles in electronic-warfare publications, but there has not until recently been an extensive cross-reference between NATO and Russian radar designations.
The Q Series authority control enhancements allow a library to easily import USMARC authority control records and set up all USMARC authority cross-reference types.
The product, which has been designed as an add-in to Microsoft's Visual Basic 5 and 6, also functions as a complete project navigational aid for developers, in addition to enabling developers to cross-reference their code.