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Load and crosshead displacement were also recorded as analog external parameters with the AE equipment.
Caption: Figure 1--hydraulically adjustable single-layer crosshead
Tensile testing was performed in air at temperature 70[degrees]C and crosshead speed of 0.84 mm [min.sup.-1].
Figure 9 reveals that compressive modulus of composite material containing 2 wt% silica is higher than 1 wt% over all crosshead speed.
Features of the single-point crosshead are said to include a patented cam-lock deflector for quick changeovers, with a residence time of one minute at .5 pound/hour material flow, optimized usage with extruders measuring 1/2" and 3/4", and a maximum die ID of .250".
The system uses crosshead profile dies to coextrude fiber tows and unidirectional tapes as continuous axial reinforcement in the extruded profile.
Change of the deformation and fracture in ABS is through the change of crosshead speed for testing.
At the heart of this technology is the company's latest ECH crosshead connecting an extruder group of five or six extruders.
Warwick, R.I., has a new drip-irrigation crosshead die designed to produce a three-layer tube with A-B-A or A-B-C construction.
The adjustable Maillefer line includes a three-layer crosshead for multilayer tubing applications, while a corrugator enables production of flexible, corrugated monolayer or multilayer tubes for piping applications, predominantly for the automotive and industrial sectors.
The fracture behavior of a bisphenol A diglycidylether (DGEBA) epoxy, Araldite F, modified using carboxyl-terminated copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile (CTBN) rubber up to 30 wt%, is studied at various crosshead rates.
A die cart said to have easy disassembly and reassembly features a high volume, adjustable center accumulating crosshead. This crosshead is designed to produce a smooth linear bore and provide jacketing over various substrates.