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The specimens were then unloaded at a crosshead speed of 1 and 0.
Each kit contains two crosshead halves that can be cut to the exact size needed; a keystone to cover the cut and easy installation instructions.
In the 3-layer configuration, the proprietary valve is designed for use with all ABA crossheads or inline dies.
The Dumas Crosshead Design was the first of its kind to be used at a mine in the Province of Ontario.
However, the explanation is not applicable to another ductile-brittle transition that occurs by changing the crosshead speed and temperature in the opposite direction [13].
The instrument has a 490 mm wide x 450 mm deep x 565 mm high enclosed and interlocked test area protecting the operator from specimen fragments, a motorised crosshead positioning system, changeable tups and inserts, weights graduated in increments of 0-5 kg and the capability of adding a temperature chamber.
Guill says that the CV 500 Series offers improved temperature control, decreased material volume for ultraprecision, and easier and faster adjustment and cleaning processes of the crosshead and tooling.
Henry Jobe notes that the GS (Global Shear) Series of Harris shears includes a re-designed crosshead section designed to minimize the bulk of the machine while maintaining its strength.
MTESTWindows has one encoder input channel that measures crosshead position and uses up to three analog input channels to measure load, axial and transverse strain.
The Series 725 co-extrusion crosshead is designed for tray cable applications.
The appearance of tensile oscillation is limited within a range of crosshead speeds and strain rates, which depends on the polymer species, sample preparation, test setup, and environment.