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Up until recently, the blind population in Israel was unable to enjoy crossword puzzles.
Crossword puzzles have been used in education for many years, but can they really improve learning?
While it is true that many scientific theories can be successfully modeled on the basis of this crossword metaphor, our most advanced and ambitious theories of the world resist such modeling.
Crossword puzzles were made online at the Discovery School's puzzlemaker Web site (http://puzzlemaker.
Interesting phrases" to a crossword constructor means something different than it does to the rest of us; an interesting phrase, for example, is "DVD player," which is not contained in most dictionaries but has the crossword puzzle virtue of starting with five consonants in a row.
Create your own symmetrical empty crossword grids, with a symmetric pattern of black squares.
Roger Millington (1977), one of the first authors to write about the history of crossword puzzles gives an anecdotal description of the reactions to Arthur Wynne's first puzzle.
We are always happy to listen to our readers and so will be bringing the old crossword back from next Monday.
The movie's main focus is New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz, who's also the founder and host of the crossword tournament, held in Stamford, Conn.
One day I was working on a project that I found incredibly boring and I kept looking at the New York Times crossword puzzle and I thought figuring out how it's done would be a fun story to tell.
Tony Wickman, deputy chief of public affairs for Alaskan Command, began creating military-themed crossword puzzles at his previous base as an experiment.
The first crossword puzzle was compiled by Liverpool-born Arthur Wynne, who worked in the tricks and jokes department of the New York World newspaper.