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The Times says it is thought to be the first proposal since the crossword began appearing in the paper 85 years ago.
Dr Nauman Buttk, consultant haematologist at the Royal Liverpool Hospital - and crossword enthusiast - agrees with the evidence supporting the cognitive benefits of solving mental puzzles like crosswords.
Throughout history, well at least the past 120 years, the great and the good have professed a love for the crossword puzzle.
While he doesn't seem to indulge in kippers while doing his crossword (a different type of smoked substance might be more likely) he does take them seriously.
Even more cash can be won with $250,000 Crossword .
New research has found that unfamiliar stimuli and new mental challenges - like puzzles, crosswords and sudoku - can stimulate neuron growth in a key area of the brain, the Daily Express reported.
SOLUTION to Crossword March 03 ACROSS 1 Fail; 3 Lariat; 8 Offer; 9 Tithe; 10 Bureaucrat; 12 Bangladesh; 14 Cling; 15 Noise; 16 Splits; 17 Ugly.
Her mind was very agile and her crosswords were always very popular with practitioners.
8220;I have been working with the Puzux guys for a while now,” says world-renowned crossword writer, Myles Mellor.
A much more interesting question is: what's the highest-scoring crossword that can be constructed?
When you have completed the crossword, arrange the seven letters on the shaded squares to find the name of a former globetrotting Flat star, then call 0901 229 2203 (1512 303 084 in RoI) and give the name of the horse.
HE was a notorious womaniser with suspected links to the Mafia - but Frank Sinatra liked nothing more than completing a crossword.