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COTSCommercial Off-The-Shelf (products)
COTSCommercial Orbital Transportation Services (NASA commercial program to develop a vehicle that can reach low earth orbit)
COTSCrown-of-Thorns (starfish)
COTSCoalition on Temporary Shelter (Detroit, Michigan)
COTSCommittee On Temporary Shelter
COTSChildlessness Overcome Through Surrogacy
COTSChildren of the Sun (song)
COTSComponent Off the Shelf (software development)
COTSCheap Off the Shelf
CotSCrest of the Stars (anime)
COTSCouncil on Technology Services
COTSChronicles of the Sword (gaming)
COTSChapter Operations Training Seminar
COTSChapter Officer Training School (SPEBSQSA)
COTSChurch on the Street (religious program)
COTScargo offload and transfer system (US DoD)
COTSCorrected on the Spot
COTSCleaned, Oiled, Tested and Stenciled (railroad air brakes)
COTSCenter Outlook Tactical and Strategic
COTSCommittee On Technical Security
COTSCenter Operations and Technical Support
COTSContainer Offloading & Transfer System
COTSConsideration of Others Training Seminar
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The method could keep the crown-of-thorns starfish away from the reef and drive them to areas where they can be exterminated by traditional means.
By equipping divers with this hands-on practical advice and making the single-shot method more widely available, we are able to boost the capacity of our crown-of-thorns starfish control program and ensure the work is as effective as possible.
It's painstaking, you have to go through it one at a time, but that has been the most effective way we've ever had of being able to kill crown-of-thorns in very large numbers," he added.
In addition to overfishing, pollution and global warming, coral reefs worldwide have been endangered by the crown-of-thorns starfish, the population of which is believed to be growing.
Spines and ossicles also abound in deeper, older sediments, revealing the crown-of-thorns as a longtime resident, the team reports in the Aug.
Posada said other fresh crown-of-thorns outbreaks have been reported from Guam, French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea and the central Indian Ocean.
It's a thorny plant, and its name is crown-of-thorns (Euphorbia Milii).