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CRYCare and Relief for the Young (UK charity)
CRYCommunity Resources for Youth (Washington County, PA)
CRYChild Relief and You
CRYCentre de Ressources Yvelinois (French resource center)
CRYCardiac Risk in the Young (Surrey, UK)
CRYChild Rights and You (UK)
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SHI Cryogenics Group, an integral part of the Precision Equipment Division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Since 1991, LifeLine has provided a range of cryogenics services, offering storage of sperm, eggs, embryos, and cord blood stem cells.
BOC is now addressing this discrepancy, producing viable cryogenic alternatives to mechanical freezers, with comparable volumes, higher quality freezing and improved yield.
There is a growing amount of cryogenic material performance data available in the public domain, though there still remain many gaps that call for testing to be carried out.
Cryogenics at Eielson AFB is different from other bases.
Cryogenic temperatures can be obtained with the use of a specially designed and constructed refrigerator (cryocooler).
Our scientists finally figured out how to revive people from cryogenic sleep.
Cryogenics involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze objects to temperatures of -240 to -300 degrees Fahrenheit.
c] superconductors and the critical current measurement, Cryogenics 30, 667-677 (1990).
If there are only traces of PVC in the first place, cryogenic separation reportedly can leave PET flake with no more than 100 ppm of PVC, and generally much less.
Wessington Cryogenics was founded in 1984 by Southern's father Eddie who decided to take advantage of a surge in industrial applications for cryogenics.
Lectures are said to provide up-to-date instruction for engineers and others working in the cryogenics industry.