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XOExecutive Officer
XOChristo (Latin: To Christ, epigraphy)
XOExtra Old
XOXanthine Oxidase (enzyme)
XOCrystal Oscillator
XOTurner's Syndrome (disorder)
XOeXtra Ordinary
XOHug and Kiss
XOExtremely Old
XOExcess Officer (US Military humor)
XOCrossover Track (railroads)
XOExpenditure Order
XOGenetic Code for Turner's Syndrome
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So, where does that leave the classic high-performance crystal oscillator? The simple answer might be in high-performance applications where a "service call" is simply out of the question.
Considering the upper-mentioned, this article proposes a 16.384 MHz Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO) crystal oscillator used as reference for time scheduling (16.384 MHz divided by 500 equals 32.768 Hz--the most commonly used frequency in clock and time applications) and as a frequency reference to one or more Phase Locked Loop (PLL) circuits responsible to generate the required frequencies.
[11.] Laurin, J.J., Zaky, S.G., and Balmain, K.G., "EMI-induced failures in crystal oscillators," Electromagnetic Compatibility, IEEE Transactions on, 33(4):334-342, 1991.
In this mode, the DPLL output frequency will be based on crystal oscillators used as the DPLL master clock.
The device includes a SmartPLL [TM] that multiplies a 25-MHz to 45-MHz fundamental crystal oscillator frequency to more than 20 of the most common reference frequencies used in high-speed serial data interfaces.
Pericom Semiconductor Corporation (Nasdaq:PSEM), a preferred supplier of products for timing, signal conditioning and serial connectivity, has announced the releases of the M-Series Spread Spectrum Crystal Oscillator (SSXO).
The PN9276 includes a microwave mixer and a low-noise, YIG-based, 100-MHz step synthesizer that generates a 4-GHz to 9-GHz signal from a 100-MHz crystal oscillator phase-locked to a 10-MHz crystal oscillator.
The model 5100 is a digital indirectly compensated crystal oscillator (DICXO) that provides a pure, ultra-clean, crystal-controlled radio frequency signal for applications where elimination of jitter, microjumps, perturbations and frequency "pops" is critical in a non-ovenized crystal oscillator.
ON Semiconductor extended its silicon based crystal oscillator (X0) clock module range.
The device incorporates crystal oscillator (XO) circuitry with a fully-integrated frequency synthesiser supporting a wide output frequency range from 10.9 MHz up to 766.7 MHz and from 875.2 MHz up to 1175 MHz.
A group of Electronic Engineering Technology Program students from Pittsburg State University has developed a method to test the acceleration-induced frequency sensitivity of a crystal oscillator as a precursor to designing an acceleration compensation system for the oscillator.