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CUBICCorporate University Best in Class
CUBICCranfield University Business Incubation Centre (est. 2005; UK)
CUBICCommon User Baseline for the Intelligence Community
CUBICChicago Universities Bioengineering Industry Consortium (Illinois)
CUBICChristian Union Brethren in Christ (Church)
CUBICCan U (You) Build It Cheaper (computer company in San Diego, CA, USA)
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By giving the balloon these cubic dimensions, and filling it with hydrogen gas, instead of common air--the former being fourteen and a half times lighter and weighing therefore only two hundred and seventy-six pounds--a difference of three thousand seven hundred and twenty-four pounds in equilibrium is produced; and it is this difference between the weight of the gas contained in the balloon and the weight of the surrounding atmosphere that constitutes the ascensional force of the former.
However, were the forty-four thousand eight hundred and forty-seven cubic feet of gas of which we speak, all introduced into the balloon, it would be entirely filled; but that would not do, because, as the balloon continued to mount into the more rarefied layers of the atmosphere, the gas within would dilate, and soon burst the cover containing it.
But the doctor, in carrying out a project known only to himself, resolved to fill his balloon only one-half; and, since he had to carry forty-four thousand eight hundred and forty-seven cubic feet of gas, to give his balloon nearly double capacity he arranged it in that elongated, oval shape which has come to be preferred.
The capacity of this interior balloon was only sixty-seven thousand cubic feet: it was to float in the fluid surrounding it.
500 pounds of cotton into twenty-seven cubic feet, the whole quantity will not occupy a height of more than 180 feet within the bore of the Columbiad.
[2] The myriameter is equal to rather more than 10,936 cubic yards English.
It is of vast dimensions, containing more than 40,000 cubic feet of gas ; but as coal gas was employed in place of the more expensive and inconvenient hydrogen, the supporting power of the machine, when fully inflated, and immediately after inflation, is not more than about 2500 pounds.
Who was that enviable young man that could tell the cubic contents of things in no time, and make suggestions about Swedish bark!
Phoebe, after getting well acquainted with the old hen, was sometimes permitted to take the chicken in her hand, which was quite capable of grasping its cubic inch or two of body.
Also, the high standard held up to the public mind by the College of which which gave its peculiar sanction to the expensive and highly rarefied medical instruction obtained by graduates of Oxford and Cambridge, did not hinder quackery from having an excellent time of it; for since professional practice chiefly consisted in giving a great many drugs, the public inferred that it might be better off with more drugs still, if they could only be got cheaply, and hence swallowed large cubic measures of physic prescribed by unscrupulous ignorance which had taken no degrees.
Total export volumes of turkmenistan are able to come to 160-170 billion cubic meters of tank gas per year with the prospect of annual increase by 10 billion cubic meters.
Water savings in Riyadh during the first nine months of 2014, amounted to more than 38mn cubic meters, with a value of SR228mn, meaning that savings from 2009 until the end of September 2014, amounted to 278mn cubic meters worth more than SR1.6bn from processing 228,000 leaks.