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CUMCumberland (Amtrak station code; Cumberland, MD)
CUMCumana, Venezuela (Airport Code)
CUMCubic Meter
CUMCubic Metre
CUMCummins Engine Company (stock symbol)
CUMCommunauté Urbaine de Montréal
CUMCommunauté Urbaine du Mans (French: Urban Community of Le Mans; Le Mans, France)
CUMCentro Universitario Franco Mexicano (Mexican school)
CUMCentre Universitaire Méditerranéen (Nice, France)
CUMCentro Universitario Montejo (Spanish; Mexican school)
CUMCentro Universitario Metropolitano (Guatemala)
CUMCysto-Urétrographie Mictionnelle (French: Urinary Cysto-Urethrography)
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For plants set up between 2003 and December 31, 2006, the particulate matter has been further narrowed to 50 mg per normal cubic metre while that of Sulphur dioxide, oxides of Nitrogen and Mercury has been fixed at 200, 300 and 0.03 mg per normal cubic metre, respectively.
Egypt consumes about 9.1 billion cubic metres of drinking water annually, with an estimated daily consumption of 25 million cubic meters.
By 2015, Fujairah's oil storage capacity is expected to rise to almost nine million cubic metres, according to the port authorities.
This leaves a shortage of 264,000 cubic metres per day.
The price for the sixth slab of up to 500 cubic metres and seventh slab of more than 500 cubic metres has been increased by 143 percent from Rs600 per mmbtu to Rs1,460 per mmbtu.
According to Tarek El Refaay, the assistant housing minister, the National Authority for Drinking Water has implemented 39 water desalination plants earlier for the Red Sea water with a daily capacity of 235,600 cubic metres.
The reservoir in Chrysochou has a capacity of 18 million cubic metres and is now holding 20 million cubic metres.
* UAE-based trader Fal Oil has 80,000 cubic metres and Gulf Refining has 370,000.
The volume of gas sold in Q3 2012 was 2.5 billion cubic metres, similar to Q3 of the previous year.
The AFED released a report, entitled The Green Economy in a Changing Arab World, which predicted that by 2015 the annual per capita water share in the region would drop to less than 500 cubic metres. This is less than one-tenth of the global average of 6,000 cubic metres.
Another tanker with 4,000 cubic metres capacity was later added as part of phase two of the project, said officials.
The combined gas reserves of the two fields amount to around 800 billion cubic metres (28 trillion cubic feet), he told reporters.