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CYCubic Yard
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CYChallenge for Youth (Northern Ireland)
CYCommonwealth Year (TV show Andromeda)
CYCommunications Yeoman (naval signals rating)
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This will provide a cost savings of $0.31 per cubic yard, which is less than the first scenario.
After removing nearly 40,000 cubic yards of dirt, Hanna left E&S' site and bought the rest of the dirt from a competitor.
It costs about $7 for a 3-cubic-foot bag; in bulk, it costs about $20 to $40 per cubic yard. Use it in 2-inch layers.
But the bottom line is, does it make their gardens look better?" The answer is a clear "Yes!" Enthusiastic residents of Austin now gladly pay up to $20 a cubic yard at garden retail outlets to buy back their own recycled--and composted--"green waste."
The original contract allowed for disposal of an average of 150,000 cubic yards of ash a year, but the ash business has drastically decreased over the years.
To safely use noncomposted or fresh sawdust or shavings mulches and prevent nitrogen deficiency, apply 3 pounds of actual nitrogen per cubic yard of material.
The 655C offers a standard 2.35 cubic yard bucket, a 23.086 pound static tipping load, and a 111-inch dump height.
Recyclers and contractors should also consider the weight per cubic yard of the material they will be handling when choosing a bucket, says Pratt.