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CUESCredit Union Executive Society
CUESCredit Union Empowerment and Strengthening (Philippines)
CUESCenter for Underrepresented Engineering Students (University of California; Berkeley, CA)
CUESCambridge University Engineering Society
CUESCenter for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (University of Minnesota)
CUESCommon User Equipment Site
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Cue Energy Resources Ltd is pleased to advise that its 100% owned subsidiary, Cue Exploration Pty Ltd, has executed agreements with BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd (BP) for BP, subject to government approval and completion of standard due diligence, to acquire equity in the 100% Cue owned North West Shelf exploration permits WA-409-P and WA-359- P in the Carnarvon basin, offshore Western Australia.
The original suit, filed July 6 in Iowa District Court by the Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based BVS Performance Solutions, alleged CUES dodged obligations to perform certain marketing activities under a deal dating back to 2011.
Alongside custom pool table felt, balls, and other accessories, CueSight will be offering premium quality cues that are laser engraved and then hand-colored.
As a professional trainer, I'm pretty good at adding cues that are clear to me and clear for the dog.
The theory follows that the presence of the feature-positive lights will prevent control by the other discriminative stimuli that are present, such as practice cues from repeating the same L-R sequence.
Abrupt onsets and gaze direction cues trigger independent reflexive attentional effects.
Whereas endogenous disengaging of attention seems unnecessary for IOR to be observed, fixation cues seem effective in producing IOR, which could be taken as evidence that exogenous disengagement is necessary to observe IOR, which will be discussed in more detail in the General Discussion.
The mechanisms underlying the implementation intention effect are said to be enhanced accessibility of preselected cues, and strong mental links are formed between the cues and actions specified in implementation intentions.
They say that nonverbal cues can offer a look into a person's likely actions.
KEY WORDS: southern oyster drill, Stramonita, chemical cue, chemical ecology, foraging behavior, gastropod, oyster reef predators, sediment cues
This tight coupling between communicative cues and key social, cognitive, and task outcomes opens up a space for designing effective interactions for robots to elicit particular positive outcomes in key domains of human life.
Environmental cues associated with nicotine reinforcement induce cigarette craving, which propagates smoking habits in smokers and relapse in abstinent individuals," the authors write as background information in one of the articles.