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CULPRiTCMOS Ultra-Low Power Radiation Tolerant
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In 2nd raid the customer was found using domestic line for industrial use by generating power for Diamond Rice Mills where culprits consumed load of 69 Cft/Hr by tampering the meter and regulator.
The government and the courts can go ahead for public hanging to a convict sans amending any law, if severity of the crime demands punishing the culprit publicly,' the CII conveyed to Senate in response to its reference on the question of public hanging.
Conclusion: This study shows that patients of acute inferior wall MI undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) who have left circumflex artery as culprit vessel have a poor prognostic outcome as compared to patients having right coronary artery as culprit vessel.
I just can't believe that someone went up there with the intent of causing serious damage or even worse, that is why I am putting up a reward for the conviction of the culprit or culprits.
In one particular case, the investigation team managed to identify three culprits, H.
The Culprit and the Cure had a profound impact on me.
So to avoid any association with the curly-haired bloke from Neighbours, I changed it to Culprit One.
The NIOSH list of possible contributing culprits includes chemicals from office materials and mechanical equipment, tobacco smoke, microbiological contaminants and outside air pollutants.
It is highly improper for anyone in authority to order the police to catch the culprit within any given limited time.
The incident of Zainab is very horrible and no arrest as of to date of the culprit is a matter of great shame.
They said that the Punjab government is making all-out effects to arrest the culprit involved in this heinous crime.