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R0curative resection (colorectal liver metastases)
R0reproduction ratio
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The role of chemotherapy and radiation holds promise in facilitating curative resection and improving postresection survival in locally advanced colorectal cancer.
The entrance criteria for all patients were as follows: (1) definitive pathological diagnosis of HCC based on the World Health Organization criteria; (2) no prior anticancer treatment; (3) curative resection, defined as complete resection of all tumor nodules, with the cut surface free of cancer by histological examination;[20] and (4) greater than 1 month survival postsurgery and availability of complete clinicopathological and follow-up data.
Figure 1: Overall survival after potentially curative resection compared with a palliative surgical procedure: the overall 1-, 3-, and 5-year survival rates were 87.3, 59.1, and 44.1% for patients who underwent resection operation, while being 12.8%, 2.2%, and 0 for palliation group.
Curative resection was defined as the complete removal of cancer tissues with tumor-negative resection margins.
However, SFSS remains a challenging issue and the size of the remnant liver is a major limiting factor of curative resection [3].
In the present case, curative resection of retroperitoneal teratoma was eventually made via a minimally invasive retroperitoneoscopic approach using the RoboSurgeon system [1].
Moreover, curative resection rates are lower in emergency operation settings.6
However, a majority of patients are unable to undergo curative resection because of medical comorbidities and/or severely compromised liver function.
Clavien, "Liver metastases from breast cancer: long-term survival after curative resection," Surgery, vol.
Curative resection was performed, but severe lymphatic and venous invasion was found pathologically.