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CURCursor (File Name Extension)
CURCouncil on Undergraduate Research
CurCuronian (linguistics)
CURCapacity Utilization Rate (economic measurement)
CURWillemstad / Curacao Island, Netherlands Antilles Areopuerto Hato (Airport Code)
CURCurrent Income Shares
CURClave Única de Registro (Spanish: Registration fee)
CURCarbon Usage Rate
CURCommon User Repository
CURConnection Update Request
CURCommon User Radio
CURComplex Utility Routine
CURConsolidated Unit Record
CURConsolidated Urban Region
CURCommission d'Utilisation Régionale (French: Commission for Regional Use)
References in classic literature ?
Your namesake, Peter, was something like yourself; and, when the provincial currency had depreciated fifty or seventy-five per cent.
It was not an easy matter, on the spur of the moment, to raise ten millions in paper currency, and there were vexatious delays.
He called his book 'Le Morte Darthur,' The Death of Arthur, from the title of several popular Arthurian romances to which, since they dealt only with Arthur's later years and death, it was properly enough applied, and from which it seems to have passed into general currency as a name for the entire story of Arthur's life.
I s’pose you know, Leather-Stocking, that there is an act passed to lay a fine of five pounds currency, or twelve dollars and fifty cents, by decimals, on every man who kills a deer betwixt January and August.
The pile of paper currency occupied the whole table.
Our statute is a currency which we stamp with our own portrait: it soon becomes unrecognizable, and in process of time will return to the mint.
Our American character is marked by a more than average delight in accurate perception, which is shown by the currency of the byword, "No mistake.
There is some justice in this opinion, as there always is in such as attain general currency.
Broadly speaking, a Section 987 QBU is a trade or business conducted in a currency different from its owner's currency, and for which a separate set of books and records is kept, on which the assets and liabilities of the trade or business are recorded.
1984), satisfying a debt instrument denominated in a foreign currency was held not to be a "sale or exchange" in determining the character of the debtor's currency loss.
Critics believe that a fixed rate gives China an unfair trade advantage by keeping its currency undervalued thereby making its exports cheaper and imports more expensive.
Eight years ago, at the height of the Asian currency crisis, the fundamental objective for the economies of Asia (excluding China and Japan) was to curb over-investment and to increase domestic consumption.