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CURRYCurrent Reconstruction and Imaging (localization of brain activity using EEG or MEG and medical MR images; Neurosoft, Inc.)
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She would have liked to choke old Sedley, but she swallowed her mortification as well as she had the abominable curry before it, and as soon as she could speak, said, with a comical, good-humoured air, "I ought to have remembered the pepper which the Princess of Persia puts in the cream-tarts in the Arabian Nights.
Three weeks later, with a bigger record of mountain lions and bear than Hastings' to his credit, Billy emerged from Curry County and drove across the line into California.
A little curry is good, and a fried cake, and a morsel of conserve would please him, I think.
But she filled it, none the less, with good, steaming vegetable curry, clapped a fried cake atop, and a morsel of clarified butter on the cake, dabbed a lump of sour tamarind conserve at the side; and Kim looked at the load lovingly.
He threw himself back and waited grimly for the curry.
He has been attempting to curry favour and reinstate himself in the good graces of the captain by carrying tales of the men forward.
Looking into the eyes of Mrs and Miss Wackles for encouragement, and sitting very upright and uncomfortable on a couple of hard stools, were two of the day-scholars; and when Miss Wackles smiled, and Mrs Wackles smiled, the two little girls on the stools sought to curry favour by smiling likewise, in gracious acknowledgement of which attention the old lady frowned them down instantly, and said that if they dared to be guilty of such an impertinence again, they should be sent under convoy to their respective homes.
Or, if so please you,'' said Isaac, willing to curry favour with the outlaws, ``I can send to York for the six hundred crowns, out of certain monies in my hands, if so be that the most reverend Prior present will grant me a quittance.
Yet Curry was ruled out for Wednesday night's (Thursday in Manila) game against the Clippers after he slipped during the morning shootaround and tweaked his troublesome right ankle.
I'm really still processing it," Curry told (http://people.
Dishes like the red curry, green curry, massaman curry, satay, panang curry are recognised worldwide and are present in modern day restaurant menus.
The curry powder gives the dish a deep, earthy taste and aroma, while the coconut milk ensures a rich, creamy finish.