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C/OCourtesy Of
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C/OClass Of
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C/OCarryover (funds)
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C/OCertificate of Origin
C/OCurrent Office
C/OCurrent Offer (trading)
C/OContamination/Overpressure (NASA)
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Melendez expressed her hope that cutoffs for artists be uniform in tapings.
When concurrently examining the number of cases with false-positive and false-negative results (missed cases) as a function of TSH concentration cutoff, an inverse relationship was observed (Figure 2).
'Until that is done, every other thing that is being paraded as cutoff mark is fictitious and therefore, the public is hereby warned not to fall prey to these fraudsters.
Also, this study did not analyze correlations of AHtR with other anthropometric parameters and age, as it was designed to identify a meaningful sex-specific AHtR cutoff that predicts a higher cardiometabolic risk, a concept which is similar to widely used cutoff value 0.5 for waist-to-height ratio.
The rounded LoD cutoff gave a sensitivity of 97.9% (95% CI, 92.0-99.6) for MACE (Fig.
[17] The diagnostic accuracy was calculated by determining sensitivity and specificity for various MUAC cutoff points including cutoff suggested by WHO.
Seepage reduction can be accomplished by using thin cutoffs such as steel or concrete walls, impervious membrane or linings on the upstream face, impervious cores, upstream blanket of impervious earth, partially or completely penetrating rolled earth cutoff trenches, grout curtains, and slurry trenches (Sharma, 1991).
Our specific objectives were (1) to compare runoff from a conventional cutoff practice to a retroactively calculated runoff from the model and (2) to assess the input measurements required to apply the model in typical alfalfa operations.
The research also suggests that today's credit-score cutoffs are too high for the current level of actual market default risk.
The specificity of using the conventional D-dimer cutoff value for VTE (500 mcg/L) decreased with age from 57.6% in those ages 51 to 60 to 14.7% in those older than 80.
Sensitivity at a cutoff of 0.50 for White, Black, Hispanic, API, AIAN, and Multi-racial, respectively, was 85.2, 71.8, 71.0, 64.4, 0.0, and 0.3 percent, with each decreasing to a value of 0 percent at a cutoff of 1.
Vrees asked for a show of hands as to who uses a mean gestational sac diameter cutoff of 21 mm to define early pregnancy loss in the absence of both a yolk sac and embryo.