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CNOChief of Naval Operations
CNOChief Nursing Officer
CNOCollege of Nurses of Ontario
CNOCoconut Oil
CNOCyanate (form of cyanide)
CNOCom/Net/Org (GTLDs)
CNOCherokee Nation of Oklahoma
CNOChief Nuclear Officer (nuclear facility operation)
CNOComputer Network Operation(s)
CNOCommunity Nutrition Organizer (Bangladesh)
CNOCashew Nut Oil
CNOClean, Neat, Organized
CNOComité de Normalisation Obligataire (French: Bondholder Committee for Standardization)
CNOCollège National d'Occlusodontologie (French: National College of Occlusodontology)
CNOCercle des Nageurs de l'Ouest (French swim club)
CNOClub Nautique de l'Ouest (French: Nautical Club of the West)
CNOChambre Nationale des Ostéopathes (French: National Chamber of Osteopaths)
CNOCentre Néphrologique d'Occitanie (French nephrology center)
CNOCancéropôle Nord-Ouest (French cancer prevention project)
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During cure, moisture from the source diffuses into the sample and reacts quickly with the highly reactive cyanate functional groups.
Cyanate esters are a new class of resins for Ciba-Geigy Matrix Resins, Hawthorne, N.
The curing of BECy occurs by the cyclotrimerization of three cyanate groups (-OCN) and results in a highly crosslinked network.
The catalytic effect of alumina is believed to be the result of the surface hydroxyl groups and physically adsorbed water, which act as a catalyst to initiate the cross-linking of cyanate ester (2).
Like the rubber-modified resins, a new group of modified aromatic cyanate ester resins from ICI Fiberite, Tempe, Ariz.
Consequently, it can be clearly seen that the consumption rate of both cyanate groups and EP groups in existence of PESC is faster than that of the neat CE/EP blend, which indicates that the presence of PES-C could accelerate both trimerization reactions of cyanate groups and copolymerization between cyanate groups and EP groups.
Cyanate may also derive from thiocyanate metabolism (15), because myeloperoxidase catalyzes thiocyanate oxidation in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and then promotes protein carbamylation at inflammation sites (16, 17).
Therefore a distinction between free, WAD and total cyanide forms (other compounds such as cyanates or thiocyanates are also present) in tailings water is useful for legal regulatory purposes [8].
However, there are alternatives such as GETEK, MEGTRON, BT, polyamide (28) and cyanate resin material, with attractive mechanical or electrical properties (low dielectric constant and loss tangent).
By showing that ammonium cyanate can become urea by an internal re-arrangement of its atoms, without gaining or losing in weight, Wohler furnished one of the first and best examples of isomerism.
of these composite powders added to cyanate ester- and epoxy-based, die-attach adhesives loaded with ~75% silver flake resulted in electrical conductivity increases of well over 100-fold or more.
It also resulted in information about the flow of cyanate and ammonia in the causticizing plants of the three mills, including the flow of ammonia with vent gases from recausticizing.