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CNCasnicki Namjesnik (Croatian: Warrant Officer)
CNCras Noc'te (Tomorrow Night)
CNCarpal Narrowing
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CNCanonical Name (computer domain name resolution)
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CNCinéma Numérique (French: Digital Cinema)
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Clinical biochemist Professor Robert Flanagan, of King's College Hospital, London, said of the cyanide findings: "You can explain it by the fact of smoking.
Other factors that may influence the cyanide levels of these root tubers include the soil type, since different soil types would retain cyanide to a varying degree.
A simple test for cyanide is also standard forensic practice in China, but none was presented in court, she added.
Especially bitter apricot pits contain more cyanide.
SS monster Himmler poisoned himself after British troops captured him and Goering took cyanide to cheat the hangman after the Nuremberg trials.
Mining and regulatory documents often state that cyanide in water rapidly breaks down in the presence of sunlight into largely harmless substances, such as carbon dioxide and nitrate or ammonia," reports Earthworks, a Washington, DC-based non-profit.
Cyanide can pollute the environment by entering the surface waters after being released by humans.
Preliminary tests indicated the substance was cyanide.
The news comes a few months after a Bulgarian court ruled against the cyanide gold extraction at the other mine operated by Dundee's other subsidiary in the country, Chelopech Mining.
Cofferdams installed around the blast site were reinforced and air quality continued to be closely monitored on Tuesday over fears that rain could react with sodium cyanide, one of the chemicals stored at the warehouse, and release toxic gas.
The global and Chinese sodium cyanide market report spread across 150 pages, talking about 10 major companies and supported with 25+ tables and figures is now available at http://www.