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CYCy Young Award Winner (baseball)
CYCalendar Year
CYCounty (IRB)
CYCurrent Year
CYContract Year
CYCymraeg (Welsh, ISO 639 language code)
CYChildren and Youth
CYCubic Yard
CYContainer Yard
CYChinese Yuan
CYCurrent Yield (finance)
CYCyprus Airways Ltd (IATA airline code)
CYCyber Yugoslavia
CYChallenge for Youth (Northern Ireland)
CYCommonwealth Year (TV show Andromeda)
CYCommunications Yeoman (naval signals rating)
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Whether you subscribe to Col John Warden's "five-ring" model of strategic attack or the Clausewitz Center-Of-Gravity theory, the United States' dependence on space and cyberspace is undeniable.
The JFC requires a cyberspace component commander who, through education and experience, has developed the requisite expertise to apply military cyber power theory at a level equivalent to his or her peers in the other domains.
Cyberspace risks becoming a battleground, on which governments, non-state actors, and the private sector all clash.
Cyberspace is a global domain within the information environment consisting of the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures and resident data, including the Internet, telecommunications network, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers.
He added that cyberspace issues have been rapidly gaining prominence around the world, grabbing headlines and topping the agendas of bilateral summits.
Chris Demchak writes about "cybered conflict," which I thought to be a most remarkable approach of how cyberspace should be contemplated in national security, either as a domain or as discrete operations.
Navy Cyber Power 2020 (NCP 2020) is a strategy for achieving the Navy's vision for cyberspace operations.
As the only domain created by man, cyberspace is dynamic and evolving.
Earlier this month, the Islamic Republic of Iran announced plans to strengthen its cyber power by establishing a Supreme Council of Cyberspace to defend the country against cyber attacks.
That kind of informed dialogue about cyberspace and the way we operate in cyberspace would be the first step going forward.
Air Force leaders will begin detailed planning for the new Cyberspace Command November 16 [2009] at the Cyber Summit.
When is the Use of a Cyberspace Weapon a Cyberspace Attack?