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CCNChurch Communication Network
CCNConvention Collective Nationale (French: National Collective Bargaining Agreement)
CCNCertified Clinical Nutritionist
CCNCloud Condensation Nuclei
CCNCritical Care Nurse
CCNCommission de la Capitale Nationale (French: National Capital Commission; Canada)
CCNCommunity Care Network
CCNCentre Chorégraphique National (French: National Choreographic Center)
CCNCredit Card Number
CCNConseil Canadien des Normes (Standards Council of Canada)
CCNCarrier Comfort Network (HVAC)
CCNCardiac Care Network
CCNCouncil of Churches in Namibia
CCNCenter for Cognitive Neuroscience (University of Pennsylvania)
CCNCaribbean Communications Network
CCNCenter for Civic Networking
CCNCarrying Capacity Network
CCNCanadian Corporate News
CCNCertified Contractors Network
CCNCentre Cardiologique du Nord (French: North Cardiological Center)
CCNCatholic Communications Network
CCNClil Cascade Network (EU)
CCNCommand and Control North (Vietnam, US special forces unit)
CCNCategory Control Number (Underwriters Laboratories)
CCNContract Change Notice
CCNCounty Councils Network (Special Interest Group within the Local Government Association, UK)
CCNCommon Communication Network (European network infrastructure)
CCNConstabulary Communication Network
CCNContent-Centric Networking
CCNChina Commodity Net
CCNClaim Control Number (Medicare tracking number)
CCNCanadian Cohousing Network
CCNCentre de Communication Nord (French: Northern Communications Center; Brussels, Belgium)
CCNChemical Consultants Network
CCNCase Control Number
CCNCommunity Conservation Network (Honolulu, HI)
CCNCommunity Chat Network (IRC)
CCNCycle Component Network (various locations)
CCNCredit Cards Now
CCNChemistry Contact Network
CCNCompanhia Colonial de Navegação (Lisbon, Portugal steamship company)
CCNColorectal Cancer Network
CCNComputer Communications Network
CCNCroatian Commercial Network
CCNConfiguration Change Notice
CCNCréation de Contenu Numérique (French: Digital Content Creation)
CCNContrôle Commande Numérique (French: Digital Command Control)
CCNCalling Card Number
CCNCanoë Club Normand (French: Normandy Canoe Club; Normandy, France)
CCNCerebro Cortical Necrosis
CCNContinuous Control Node (Cisco)
CCNCommon Core Network (IPv6)
CCNContract Change Notification
CCNCell Change Notification (network assisted cell change procedure in GSM/GPRS networks)
CCNCommunauté de Communes du Naucellois (French: Naucellois Community of Communes; Naucelle, France)
CCNCertified Critical Care Nurse
CCNContract Change Negotiation (NASA)
CCNCommunauté Chemin Neuf (Chemin Neuf Community; Lyon, France)
CCNConsistent Checkpoint Number
CCNChange Control Number
CCNCategory Code Number
CCNCopper Cable Network (Afghanistan)
CCNComedy Central Nederland (Dutch: Comedy Central Netherlands; TV station)
CCNCréation et Communication Numérique (French: Creation and Digital Communication)
CCNCommand Center Network
CCNCooperative Caring Network
CCNCommon Control Node
CCNClassification Change Notice
CCNConstruction Change Notice
CCNCustomer Coordination Node
CCNCampus Christian Network (various universities; Ghana)
CCNComplaint Control Number (law enforcement)
CCNCrittenden Connection Networks
CCNClinical Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (various locations)
CCNCross-Connect Network (AT&T)
CCNCriminal Case Number (police report)
CCNContract Completion Notice
CCNContinental Control Network
CCNCOMSEC Controlling Node
CCNCisco Content Networking Architecture (Cisco)
CCNCommunauté Chrétienne des Nations (French: Christian Community of Nations; Cameroon)
CCNChauffage et Climatisation du Nord (French: Northern Heating and Air)
CCNCommercial Circuit Number
CCNComcast Cable Network
CCNCritical Carbon Number
CCNCompassion Capital Network (Our Health, Inc.)
CCNCornwall Capital Network (Canada)
CCNConseil Consultatif National (French: National Advisory Council)
CCNCoastal Community Network (Canada)
CCNClimate Change Network (various organizations)
CCNComplex Communication Needs (various locations)
CCNCherry Creek North (Denver, CO; shopping area)
CCNCross Country National (racing)
CCNCapstone College of Nursing (University of Alabama)
CCNCharging Control Node (Ericsson)
CCNConference Call Notes (reports)
CCNComputer Consulting Network (advertising)
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This study documented significantly higher frequency of overexpression of cyclin D1 in patients with advanced age, advanced tumours stage and lymph node metastasis.
Characterization of cyclin L2, a novel cyclin with an arginine/serine-rich domain.
The labelling index of skp2 in endometrial carcinoma was significantly correlated with that of p27, Ki-67, cdk2, cyclin A, cyclin D1, cyclin E, p53 and PTEN.
Previous research shows that the experimental drug flavopiridol inhibits cyclins and adds to the cell-killing effects of ionizing radiation.
This work will attempt to examine the inactivation trends of the p53 gene by PFT-[alpha], its dose response kinetics, the manner in which PFT-[alpha] affects transactivation of known p53 responsive genes such as p21, PCNA, Cyclin G, mdm2 and bcl2.
This finding may have therapeutic consequences because tumors with alterations downstream of BRAF--such as those with cyclin D1 or CDK4--might be resistant to interventions at the level of BRAF.
Cyclin 62 is up-regulated during growth inhibition and B cell antigen receptor-mediated cell cycle arrest.
Cyclin Dependent Kinases that must associate to a cyclin to become active kinases are key regulators of cell cycle progression.
Using a series of genetic and biochemical experiments, the researchers tracked how Taranis interacted with other proteins and saw that Taranis bound to a known sleep regulator protein called Cyclin A.
Project title: Stablization of cyclin D1 in S-phase as a novel therapeutic approach for mantle cell lymphoma and multiple myeloma.