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There was a significant difference in the post-operative complications (Mainly biliary leak and surgical site infection) none of the laparoscopic group patients had any complications whereas in group II, 8 patients (13.35) had biliary leak (due to cysto biliary communication) and 10 patients (33.3%) had surgical site infections (Table II).
Study demographics Level of training n PGY0 3 (20%) PGY1 4 (27%) PGY2 4 (27%) PGY3 4 (27%) Gender Female 2 (13%) Male 13 (87%) Handedness Right 10 (67%) Left 2 (13%) Ambidextrous 3 (20%) Prior flexible cysto experience None 4 (27%) <10 cases 5 (33%) 10-20 cases 2 (13%) >20 cases 4 (27%) Prior fURS experience None 4 (27%) <5 cases 5 (33%) 5-10 cases 2 (13%) >10 cases 4 (27%) PGY: postgraduate year; fURS: flexible ureteroscopy.
MASS[TM] Mobile Storage Systems allow users to create a custom cart unique to any function, whether the requirement is for catheters, vascular supplies, ortho implants, surgical supplies, cysto, CS supplies, or equipment.
The VIP ticket holder match is Cysto against William Sterling.
Among Allen Medical's other offerings are pressure management table pads, shoulder positioners and leg holders for arthroscopy, imaging extensions which allow standard surgical tables to be used for imaging applications, and the UroCatcher[TM] system that can turn a general table into a cysto table.
The MASS[TM] M3100 Procedure Cart is an ideal mobile unit for cysto supplies.