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Cytological analysis indicated significant differences in relation to the type of cells presented in the analyzed content.
No parasite or fragment of parasite could be seen on cytology in 16 (39%) cases, but in these cases, the cytological findings were highly suggestive of a parasitic lesion.
The main responsibility for performing CC screening was placed on the shoulders of the general practitioners (GP), who were responsible for disseminating information, explaining the importance of the screening, interpreting the cytological results, and potential referral.
Cytological screening for cervical cancer has been found very effective in countries where the disease is more common.2 In the US and Canada, wide-spread introduction of cytological screening reduced the incidence of cervical cancer with a concomitant decrease in mortality.5 It has been documented that the
Cytological smear examination findings of tumour supported by radioimaging can be very helpful in preoperative diagnosis of meningioma presenting at an unusual site as was in our case.
Results: It is observed that on the basis of cytological examination 11 cases were confirmed as benign and 52 as malignant whereas on histological basis 08 cases were confirmed as benign and 50 as malignant.
For symptomatic contact lens wearers, cytological changes were seen to occur within 3-6 months and the prevalence and severity of cytological alteration was found to be significantly greater in the symptomatic than asymptomatic contact lens wearers (6, 14).
In the table it is shown the cytological characteristics of BALF in children with purulent endobronchitis before (the first bronchoscopy) and after treatment (the third bronchoscopy) by use of autotransplantation with ozonized physiologic saline and in children without pathology of the respiratory tract.
Cytological diagnoses were reported according to Bethesda System, consensus guidelines 2006 (23) as Normal, for normal epithelium; LSIL for low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion, HSIL for high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion and ASC-US for atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance.
For cytological analyses, root tips were fixed in 3:1 absolute ethanol and glacial acetic acid and stored in 70% ethanol in refrigerator.
cytological surveillance (further smear tests at regular intervals) or immediate referral for colposcopic examination.