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d1010-Sided Die (gaming)
d10Day 10 of Gestation (reproductive science)
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The Malignant previously leaked that Apple came up with three prototypes for its new iterations, namely: the D10, D11 and D12.
Xplore Technologies Corp (Nasdaq:XPLR), a manufacturer of a broad range of high-quality rugged tablet computers, announced on Tuesday that it has secured a contract with one of the top 10 largest fire-rescue departments in the US for over 200 of its new XSLATE D10 Android-based rugged tablets.
Postprandial insulin, grehlin and glucose levels were statistically equivalent between D40 and D10.
D10 said they ruled out direct action, instead opting for a contain and communicate method.
Oysters of the NH treatment were heavier than those of the D10 groups for all measurements, but the differences were not significant (P > 0.
Enerpac's DLS Series lift system, designed specifically for Caterpillar D11 and D10 dozers, is claimed to provide safety, efficiency and flexibility for servicing and maintaining heavyweight bulldozers.
But while this was worse than in the previous two seasons - they compiled a W3, D10, L5 record against the top ten in 2009-10 and were W4, D5, L9 in 2010-11 - they were ruthless against the division's weaker sides, with just three defeats, five draws and 16 wins against teams in the bottom half of the table.
Facebook is a great company," he said during the D10 technology conference in California.
This adult male was captured in the San Saba river in Menard County, Texas, and photographed with a Canon PowerShot D10 during midday, June 2011.
The Serinco D10 1200HP drilling unit has been contracted for two firm wells with a continuing option to extend for further wells.