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d2020-Sided Die (gaming)
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The GE D20 substation controller, originally developed by Westronic and later produced by the Harris Corporation, has been a mainstay in the substation RTU market for many years.
The inquiry cleared officer D20 who said he "feared for his life and had no alternative" but to shoot.
The NH and D10 groups had significantly greater TW values than individuals in the D20 and D30 groups (P < 0.
For 85 D20s, the evidence that Kelly penned them was "strong".
The D20 is slightly bigger, heavier and more expensive than a similar non-waterproof camera.
Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, and a D20.
Pagal triuksmo modeliavimo rezultatus nuo AB "Siauliu energija" pietines katilines teritorijoje esanciu traukos ventiliatoriu DN12,5 ir D20, sklindancio triuksmo lygis uz imones teritorijos ribu kinta nuo 35 iki 55 dBA ir nevirsija higienos normoje HN 33:2007 nustatyto leidziamo triuksmo lygio.
In the ThinkStation D20 workstation, nearly 30 percent of the recycled content comes from post consumer recycled content, which is equivalent to the weight of approximately 19 plastic drinking water bottles.
Lenovo has announced two new workstations -the ThinkStation S20 and D20 - designed exclusively for specialized professionals in fields such as computer-aided design, digital content creation and oil and gas.
All the vehicles are equipped with extra-powerful air-conditioning and the most modern MAN D20 Common Rail engines with the maintenance- and additive-free MAN PURE DIESELA exhaust-emissions treatment system.
The CAM-Plus has been designed for full compatibility with test methods ASTM D20.