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d4TStavudine (aka Zerit; HIV treatment drug)
d4TDidehydrodeoxythymidine (antiviral drug)
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Among EFV-based regimens, adolescents on d4T + 3TC + EFV had higher odds of reporting multiple symptoms compared with those on TDF + FTC + EFV and ABC + 3TC + EFV (in that order of decreasing odds), suggesting that the NRTI backbone may play a more important role in cART symptoms profiling than the NNRTI component.
A significantly higher proportion of patients on ARV regimen containing d4T reported adverse drug events compared to those on the other NRTI backbones.
2] However, at the baseline visit, AZT was required to be substituted by d4T because of anemia (n = 6, 3.
Lipoatrophy, which manifests as wasting of the buttocks, limbs and facial fat pads is caused by the NRTIs, particularly d4t, ddI and AZT.
The instrument was set at 300, 285 and 270 nm for NVP, 3TC and d4T respectively.
Two women died of PCP, and 2 of liver failure - 1 maternal death was presumed to be a result of complications from lactic acidosis following d4T toxicity.
In contrast, those who had been taking d4T showed better recovery of limb fat when they switched to TDF.
Krisana Kraisintu, director of the research-and-development institute at the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), said the institute took two and a half years to develop the formula for d4T, which will be marketed at 8 baht ($0.
Currently, Nelfinavir is resisted; changing two letters at RT 151 resists D4T, and changing one at PRO 90 resists Saquinavir.
Therefore, for those patients receiving stavudine (d4T), 3TC and EFV, switching to the FDC treatment can be considered as a single drug switch from d4T to TDF because 3TC and FTC are considered to be equivalent.