dBmvDecibel (referenced to millivolt)
dBmvDépartement de Biologie Moléculaire Végétale (French: Department of Plant Molecular Biology; Switzerland)
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One of the benefits of using dBmV units over dBm units is that the system impedance is often ignored.
It delivers output power levels of +64 dBmV with very low (-55 dBc) harmonic distortion and output noise levels as low as -53.
A good spectrum analyzer will have a noise floor at 1-GHz and 1-MHz resolution band-width (RBW) of approximately 17 dBmV.
The MT1560 also offers excellent noise performance (-50 dBmV in 160 kHz), providing increased reliability, quality and integrity of the upstream data whether formatted as text, video, audio or voice.
The company developed the MicroStreamer MT1540 and engineered it to offer high 67 dBmV linear output power capable of overcoming coupler and diplexer losses.
This results in a balanced design that meets or exceeds the MCNS/DOCSIS requirement for harmonic performance at +60 dBmV output levels while only requiring a single polarity +5V supply.
For FTTB applications, the Fox node delivers output levels of 50 dBmV from two ports and 36 dBmV for trunking from a third port.