dBmvDecibel (referenced to millivolt)
dBmvDépartement de Biologie Moléculaire Végétale (French: Department of Plant Molecular Biology; Switzerland)
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The setup memory is 10-bank x three-scan mode, Level measurement capability is -70 to -20 dBmV (N-FM) from 1 to 2060 MHz and -60 to -10 dBmV (W-FM, AM and SSB) from 10 to 2060 MHz.
Power measurement functions include channel power in dBm, dBV, dBmV, dBV, or dB, as well as adjacent channel power (ACPR) and occupied bandwidth (OBW).
If the standard input is a voltage of 1 m[V.sub.RMS], then the ratio units are expressed in dBmV.
It delivers output power levels of +64 dBmV with very low (-55 dBc) harmonic distortion and output noise levels as low as -53.8 dBmV.
A good spectrum analyzer will have a noise floor at 1-GHz and 1-MHz resolution band-width (RBW) of approximately 17 dBmV. The detection limit for a 10-dB margin above the noise floor is: