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DBRDistributed Bragg Reflector
DBRDaily Business Review
DBRDual Band Radar
dBrDecibel (reference value)
DBRDeterministic Bit Rate
DBRData Buffer Register
DBRDisclosure-Based Regulation (focused on the quality of information disclosed by issuers)
DBRDebt Burden Ratio (finance)
DBRDestroy Before Reading (fictitious security clearance level)
DBRDual-Behavior Resonator
DBRDatabase Reorganization
DBRDetail Billing Record
DBRDesign Basis Report
DBRData Bus Recorder
DBRData-oriented Belief Revision
DBRDamage Beyond Repair
DBRDesign Basis Reconstitution
DBRDetailed Business Requirements
DBRDynamic Bandwidth Report
DBRDiabetic Background Retinopathy (ophthalmological malady)
DBRDogan Burda Rizzoli Printing Corporation
DBRDatabase Reconciliation
DBRDesignated Backup Router (Computer Networking)
DBRDatabase Backup and Recovery
DBRDesign-Based Research (education)
DBRDirt Bike Racing
DBRDuke Basketball Report (fan site)
DBRDrinker Biddle Reath (Philadelphia, PA)
DBRDragon Boat Race
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DBR Connect can easily identify at-risk students and monitor their progress over time.
DBR = (personal loan repayment, mortgage repayment, car loan repayment per month + five per cent of total credit card limits) / monthly income.
The teacher's study addressed here focused on science curriculum literacies, exploring DBR methodology to develop an experiment aimed at determining whether a targeted intervention would improve science literacy outcomes for the learners in her class.
Lipifiski analyses in depth in "Leadership': The Roots DBR and NGD in Aramaic," in "Und Mose schrieh dieses Lied auf": Studien zum Allen Testcunent und zum Alien Orient.
DBR as an assessment method was conceptualized to address limitations of extant methods, including its potential to facilitate proactive intervention efforts.
One example of this line of research includes DBR (Chafouleas, Riley-Tillman, & Christ, 2009; Chafouleas et al, 2007).
Leveraging proven technologies to meet the carrier mission requirements in both deep water and littoral environments, DBR will be the U.
DBR for IMS provides a lower cost, higher quality, and ultra-high availability solution," says Doug Bryan, Mainstar's Vice President of Sales and Marketing in North America.
This VSR antenna has been successfully integrated with Raytheon's DBR system components and this integrated S-band radar capability is now currently undergoing testing at the Navy's Surface Warfare Engineering Facility in Port Hueneme, CA, and the Surface Combat Systems Center at Wallops Island, VA.
The DBR for Zumwalt is two active, phased-array, multi-function radar subsystems that integrate X-band and S-band radar capabilities in a single configuration.
LOS ANGELES -- Real Estate Broker Owner Solutions (REBOS) and the Denver Board of REALTORS[R] (DBR) today announced that DBR will provide Real Estate Profit Navigator[TM] as a broker member benefit.
The company is developing DBR for the next-generation Zumwalt Class destroyer.