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DBRDistributed Bragg Reflector
DBRDaily Business Review
DBRDual Band Radar
dBrDecibel (reference value)
DBRDeterministic Bit Rate
DBRData Buffer Register
DBRDisclosure-Based Regulation (focused on the quality of information disclosed by issuers)
DBRDebt Burden Ratio (finance)
DBRDestroy Before Reading (fictitious security clearance level)
DBRDual-Behavior Resonator
DBRDatabase Reorganization
DBRDetail Billing Record
DBRDesign Basis Report
DBRData Bus Recorder
DBRData-oriented Belief Revision
DBRDamage Beyond Repair
DBRDesign Basis Reconstitution
DBRDetailed Business Requirements
DBRDynamic Bandwidth Report
DBRDiabetic Background Retinopathy (ophthalmological malady)
DBRDogan Burda Rizzoli Printing Corporation
DBRDatabase Reconciliation
DBRDesignated Backup Router (Computer Networking)
DBRDatabase Backup and Recovery
DBRDesign-Based Research (education)
DBRDirt Bike Racing
DBRDuke Basketball Report (fan site)
DBRDrinker Biddle Reath (Philadelphia, PA)
DBRDragon Boat Race
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Importantly, a value from the distribution of the DBR (derived baseline risk) can easily be mistaken for a radiation effect (e.
Michel Negrier, export director of the DBR group, explained the legend of DBR (Lafite) and introduced top-of-the-line brands from Bordeaux and Languedoc, as well as wines from Chile and Vina Los Vascos in Argentina.
We simulated the proportion of recovered DBRs for various coverage values with custom R scripts (R Core Team, 2013): DBR_simulation.
For instance, if your monthly income is Dh10,000, and each month you pay Dh5,000 towards any existing debt, your DBR is 50 per cent.
Assembler la recherche, la politique et la pratique educative: DBR, defis et opportunites
DBR is an emerging paradigm for the study of learning in context, especially in technology-enhanced learning environments.
15) The Rhode Island Supreme Court vacated the Superior Court's ruling holding the SIR Endorsement invalid because the director of DBR (hereinafter "the director") had not yet allowed for medical facilities and professionals to self-insure.
During fabrication, the electrically pumped 980 nm VCSEL will be first fabricated on a GaAs substrate and then the bottom DBR of the 1550 nm VCSEL will be fabricated on top of it using epitaxial process.
This paper presents a novel DBR filter with compact size and high spurious responses suppression at the same time, based on two equivalent topologies of J-inverter and dual-line equivalent circuit of open-circuited stubs.
DBR 360, a computer design business, moved into 2,828 s/f to grow its presence in New Jersey.
the root DBR is in form of a verb, however in a semantically similar context.