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DDAVPDesmopressin Acetate (synthetic analogue of the pituitary hormone 8-arginine vasopressin)
dDAVP1-Desamino-8d-Arginine Vasopressin
DDAVPDeamino-Delta-D-Arginine Vasopressin (hematology)
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The DDAVP trial demonstrates how FCS with 2-component fits can help characterize the response to therapy.
Following administration of DDAVP however, urine osmolality increases by more than 50% (18).
DDAVP is useful for patients with type 1 disease where there is still a significant circulating level of functional protein; it may occasionally be of benefit in type 2A, and is theoretically contraindicated in type 2B (where it may worsen the thrombocytopenia).
In this setting, DDAVP can be given to increase urinary concentration and reduce free water losses.
The treatment of haemophilia, including prophylaxis, constant infusion and DDAVP.
Where DDAVP and alarms are costly to families or unavailable, and the history and physical examination negative for complicating factors, there is nothing to lose by trying behavioural modification as a first-line nursing intervention.
DDAVP reduces nighttime urine production and can help on overnight sleepovers or campouts.
DDAVP, a hormone medication, slows the production of nightly urine and is sometimes helpful as a short-term solution for overnights at friends' houses or camping trips.
Try asking your doctor about DDAVP, a nasal spray which helps to reduce the amount of urine that the body produces.
She received replacement prednisone and DDAVP (deamino-8-D-arginine vasopressin) and was discharged in satisfactory condition.
The hormone can be boosted by a synthetic version known as desmopressin, or DDAVP.
There are several treatment programs available, such as alarms and prescriptive medications including Tofranil and DDAVP that work best under your doctor's supervision.