dGDPDeoxyguanosine Diphosphate (nucleotide)
dGDPDiploma in General Dental Practice (UK)
dGDPDirectorate General of Defense Purchase (Bangladesh)
dGDPDirector, Graduate Degree Programs (US DoD)
dGDPDairy Goat Development Programme (Farm-Africa)
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834) Panel B: Estimated short-run coefficients (Dependent variables: DGDP for Model 1 and DPVT for Models 2-4) DGDP 0.
Table 1: Variables of the multi-factor regression model of profitability Variable Symbol Assets profitability ROA Size of the enterprise Siz Assets structure A (CA/TA) Capital structure CS (D/E) Level of financial liquidity QR Receivables conversion cycle ARC Inventories conversion cycle ICC Cash conversion cycle (time CCC structure of financial liquidity) Growth of sales (change of sales) dS Economic growth (economic dGDP situation) Source: Own elaboration Table 2: Results of the estimation of model parameters Variable coefficient Standard error t-Student value p Siz 0.
Given that all increases in productivity reduce such costs, there will be a resulting fall in domestic prices, DGDP.
As seen from the results obtained with the sixth equation, (13), a similar mechanism can be described, starting from the significance that the domestic prices variable, DGDP, together with the exchange rate, EXCH, and the international export prices, TXP, have on the explanation of the export prices of the country.
Moreover, it may be argued that there is an important causative relationship between the rate of economic growth, DGDP, and the rate of private capital formation, DCAP.
Our three-equation model specifies private capital formation as a function of economic growth, DGDP, and the rate of interest, RATE[9].
01 level is indicated in the case of DGDP, the rate of economic growth.
DGDP is the average annual rate of growth of gross domestic product taken from various issues of National Accounts Statistics: Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables, United Nations, New York, NY.
17) Where GDP = Gross Domestic Product, DGDP = Debt as a ratio of GDP, SGDP = Debt Servicing as a ratio of GDP.
9 Bangladesh Sri Lanka Year GDP DGDP SGDP GDP DGDP SGDP 2000-01 1215768 75.
Contract are awarded for The General Directorate of Professional Development Inice Dgdp Before, Requires the Purchase of the Following Equipment: 3 Desktop Computers Processor I3.
The heads include Lt Gen Ahsan Mehmood, Chairman POF Wah, Lt Gen Wajid Hussain , Chairman HIT, Major General Tahir, Director General DEPO, Rear Admiral Hassan Nasir Shah, Managing Director Karachi Shipyard, Brigadier Bhatti, NRTC, Rear Admiral Adnan Nazir DGMP, Air Vice Marshal Asad Lodhi DGDP, Senior officials of Ministry of Defence Production along with Lt Gen (Retd) Tanvir Tahir Secretary Defence Production, Major General Raza Muhammad, Additional Secretary Defence Production attended the meeting.