dIFRADiscrete Increasing Failure Rate Average
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DIFRA will promote the US company's tests via presentations to hospitals and physician practices, including presentations at the 2014 Best of ASCO meeting, to be held in Mexico City in June.
Khartoum on the other hand refuses to withdraw a small police force from Difra oil fields in the northern part of the disputed area.
However Khartoum continues to maintain a small police oil forces in Difra, in northern Abyei arguing that the activities of rebel groups in South Kordofan justifies its presence there to protect oil facilities.
Earlier this month, Sudanese permanent representative to the UN, Daffa-Alla Elhag Ali Osman, ruled out the withdrawal of the forces deployed in Belila and Difra oil fields of Abyei.
"I think it's important for the North to complete the withdrawal of all of its police elements, including the oil police, and that point was made by a number of colleagues in the Council." However, Sudanese permanent representative to the UN, Daffa-Alla Elhag Ali Osman, ruled out the withdrawal of the oil force deployed in Belila and Difra oil fields.
The PCA ruling was accepted by the Parties but its implementation was hampered by a security stand off when SAF occupied the northern area of Abyei and the oilfield of Difra, and the area became no-go for the civil Abyei administration.
Others are in Kej also named Difra in Arabic and at Bongo.
They were seen in Difra, Dira and Goli regrouping themselves for possible attacks", he said.
The UN official said that they have reports from a patrol force that a large crowd of armed men with assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and machetes, amassed north of Abyei town in Difra on Friday.
He, however, accepted that seven automatic Kalashnikov rifles were taken from members of the UNMIS in Difra town on 14 January, but have been returned.
They have increased deployment in Nyamba, Difra, and Heglig and in all other areas around oil fields in the area." The official described security situation in the area as "relatively calm".
"They have recently finished deployment of over four battalions with brand new tanks at the extreme north of Abyei in Difra. They have also increased [the] number of brigade 31 forces stationed at Nyama to four battalions and have opened training camps for Majahid in Debeb, Dhaarapat and in Muglad." General Kuol said that four SAF members tried on Monday evening to cause havoc by a random shooting in Abyei town.