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DAGODepartment of the Army General Orders
DAGOD-Ala2-Gly-Ol5 (pharmacology)
DAGODistrict Aviation Gas Office
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Traditional treatments for SAD include psychotherapy, medication and therapeutic light therapy but Dago recommends first talking to your doctor to determine appropriate therapies and treatment.
Los rasgos experimentalistas predominan en las obras del primer Koldo Izagirre (Pasaia, 1953), influenciado por Eluard, Oulipo e Italo Calvino, e interesado por los aspectos ludicos e irracionales del lenguaje, aunque posteriormente la influencia de la concepcion brechtiana de la cultura y la sociedad seria cada vez mas notoria en su Balizko erroten erresuma [El reino de los molinos imaginarios] (1989) o en Non dago Basques Harbour?
The Germans secured the islands of Osel, Moon, and Dago in little more than a week.
Similarly in Dago village of Central Orakzai, 256 meters long and three meters wide fourteen flood protection walls were constructed to protect 2500 locals and their lands from seasonal floods.
Then in the Dago Gonzales-directed video, several well-placed digital tattoos begin to emerge on Martin's skin, which include Spanish phrases such as "Find yourself," "Forgive" and "Change your life.
Rose tells Hannah that Johnny had failed to defend her honor when another man called her "a Dago whore" and she observes that she was "the kind you people played with but you didn't marry" (KG 138).
Caracol: Camilo Acuna, Asier Aguilar, Dago Garcia, Paulo Laserna, Carolina Leconte ($15 million per year)
Between the jerseyed cherub and the bookish young man in the white riding mac, there was another figure - itchy in a blue serge suit, bespectacled and staring, the omnipresent mole remaining like a dago sideburn.
And mum-of-two Rachel Dago only discovered two cancerous tumours after shedding four stone in 100 days.
Because I once beat you up Drunk, stung with weeks of torment And saw you no more, And you had calm talk for me today I now suppose I was less sane than you, You hung on dago red, me hooked on books.
The days are sick and cold, and the skies are grey and old, And the twice-breathed airs blow damp; And I'd sell my tired soul for the bucking beam-sea roll Of a black Bilbao tramp, With her load-line over her hatch, dear lass, And a drunken Dago crew, And her nose held down on the old trail, our own trail, the out trail From Cadiz south on the Long Trail--the trail that is always new.
Deen (H-PIS), Kristine DeKany (H-PIS), Fernando Del Dago, Wanda Deluigi (H-PIS), Kevin DeRosa, Jennifer Dudley (H-PIS), Rose-Marie Duval (H-PIS), Cecelia R.